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ABC Plans Two Hour ‘Beauty & The Beast’ 30th Anniversary Special

Somethings do not need a live action special. Well, nothing really does. Let us appreciate the original. There are other ways to pay tribute besides someone in a costume that will give us nightmares

See Some New Pics From ‘Hello, Goodbye, And Everything In Between’

We’re so excited for HELLO, GOODBYE, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN tomorrow. Netflix released 3 more pics! See them here

Joey King Shares A Video Of Life With Here Fiance, Steven Piet

Love is so lovely. Love Joey King showing off just how much she loves her fiance. See the cute AF Tik Tok video she made.

Selena Gomez Says Her Character In ‘Only Murders In The Building’ Is A Grown Up Version Of Another Character She Played

Selena Gomez says that her #OnlyMurdersInTheBuilding character is a grown up version of another character she played…

‘Becoming Elizabeth’ 1×04 Review: “Lighten Our Darkness”

Well, well, shit has gotten way intense and also kinda sad. We’re halfway through this season and there is a lot of shit that has happened. It’s kind of funny, you can know about history, but when you see it…

2022 Shocker! Freeform Has A New Scripted Show Coming!

It’s about time that Freeform started announcing some new shows. Like we love you Freeform, but only so many times that we can turn on the channel to the same old shit, different day. Like sorry, only so many times…

Groundbreaking Sh*t Here On Who Supported Cameron Diaz’s Unretirement

Sorry for the sarcastic headline and then again, being a smart ass is who we are. We have to admit that we find ourselves a little jealous when people are able to retire early. It’s like we don’t mean to…

The More That Is Released About The ‘Quantum Leap’ Reboot The More We Want To Leap Into It

We’re going to open our hearts and our heads to the #QuantumLeap reboot in honor of our parents who watched the original all the time.

Miles Teller’s Grandma Thinks He’d Make A Good James Bond

Miles Tellers Grams is 🔥! She took to twitter to campaign for her grandson to get a role. She thinks he’d be perfect for it!

Wait Just A Second! Lindsay Lohan Got Married!

We announce we have boring lives on Instagram. Lindsay Lohan announces she’s married. She’s obviously winning here.

Sarah Hyland Is The New Host Of ‘Love Island USA’

We could blame the pandemic for the fact that we like some trash reality TV, but we don’t want to lie to you.

‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ Cancelled At HBO Max

The streaming gods are not being kind to us today. WTF do we have to do to get a second season of SOMETHING.

NBC Saves ‘Magnum P.I.’ After Its Cancellation By CBS

NBC seems to understand you can’t give a fandom a ship and then snatch it from them. They understood the rules.

Congratulations Are In Order For Zawe Ashton & Tom Hiddleston

We’ve been excited for Zawe Ashton and Tom Hiddleston because of their engagement, but now there is even more reason to celebrate. The two stars are expecting a baby! The two have been in New York for the premiere of…

See The Photos For ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 4×05: “You Get What You Give” 

You give us a picture of Michael Vlamis looking like this, we melt. See the pics for the next episode of #RoswellNewMexico

Nick Zano And Shelley Henning In A New Show Together? Yes Please.

What is it about action movies and television shows that draws us in? We’re not really sure, because equally, we also are drawn in by romance and comedy movies and television shows. But if you combine the two, you know…

Joe Jonas Has A New Ohza Drink, Fizzy Sangria

Another day, another celebrity alcohol brand. It feels like lately celebrities are really getting in on the alcohol game and well, if we drank, we admit we would buy it. What can we say, we’re easily persuaded? The latest celebrity…

See New Pics For ‘Boo, Bitch!’

Oh Netflix, you give us all the things to watch and we love you for it. And you know we love us some Lana Condor. Boo, Bitch! will drop all eight episodes on July 8 and as we wait more pics have…

See The Character Portraits For ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’

They’ve got secrets, but can they keep them? Who the fuck knows. But we’ll be soon to find out as the new iteration of Pretty Little Liars comes to HBO Max. Judging by these new character posters we’re thinking that…

‘Look Both Ways’ Starring Lili Reinhart Gets A Release Date

TBH, this movie sounds interesting. And it stars Lili Reinhart, so we’re in.

See The Character Posters For ‘Bullet Train’

We can appreciate art and these character posters for #BulletTrain definitely feel like art. See them here!