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See The Teaser And First Look Photos For The Upcoming Netflix Series, ‘Fakes’

Though we aren’t the biggest fan of breaking the fourth wall, we do appreciate it when it adds something to the story. With Fakes, it may add something, jury is still out.

Florence Pugh Comments On Her Split From Zac Braff & Privacy

Florence Pugh confirmed her split from Zac Braff and why they kept it silent.

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×05 Review: “… been ghosted”

Eleanor’s advice is well, questionable, but always entertaining. Devi needs to stop following the advice and believe in herself

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 4×10 Preview: “Down In A Hole”

Get yourself ready for tonights Roswell with the released pics and the preview!

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×04 Review: “…made someone jealous”

Getting over a breakup is hard. Moving on is hard. Seeing the person you were with, with someone else is hard. Devi is experiencing it all.

Sofia Carson Defends ‘Purple Hearts’

There’s been a lot of backlash about #PurpleHearts and we can understand why. Sofia Carson & director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum addressed the backlash

‘Real Girlfriends In Paris’ Is The Reality TV That We Want & Need To Be Good

Well, let us all hope that Emily in Paris ran so Real Girlfriends in Paris could walk. We don’t think it’ll be as good, but we’re looking forward to #RGIP.

See The First Look Pics From Hulu’s ‘Rosaline’

We have to admit that we didn’t see #Rosaline looking this way, but we’re not mad about it. See the released photos & tell us what you think!

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×03: “… had a valentine”

Relationships are difficult enough, but when you’re in high school, everything is heightened. Feelings are so brand new that they over take everything. Yet, even when you get older, feelings stay with you. It doesn’t get easier. Do you remember…

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×02 Review: “…had a troll”

The internet is a scary place. It’s a place that shows you that nothing is as it seems. It’s a place that shows you, if you really think about it, it’s the place where you can see who a person…

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×01 Review: “… been slut shamed”

high school is a bitch & people are always going to have something to say. you have to make the choice of listening to them or not.

Netflix Releases First Look At Season 5 Of ‘Cobra Kai’

Netflix released a lot of pics from #CobraKai today and we’re so excited for the 5th season! See them here!

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Preview Guide: “Wild, Wild West’

We’re not always down for a western, but if it involves #RoswellNewMexico we’re basically down for anything.

‘Becoming Elizabeth’ 1×08 Review: “To Death We Must Stoop”

You thought your family was complicated? Well after this season of #BecomingElizabeth, just be thankful you aren’t a Tudor.

Hulu Dropped The Trailer For Their New Series, ‘Tell Me Lies’

Well, #TellMeLies looks like it’s going to be an obsession of ours. After all the holidays are coming up and it’s gonna inspire excuses to use as to why we’re single.

‘The Santa Clauses’ Adds Laura San Giacomo To The Cast

We didn’t know there was such a thing as a Christmas Witch, but we learn something new everyday. Laura San Giacomo will be playing one in #TheSantaClauses

Abigail Spencer Writes An Open Letter To Fans About The Hardest Year Of Her Life

Abigail Spencer’s open letter to fans on Instagram is emotional and we’re thankful for her honesty. She’s definitely made a difference with her honesty.

Zoey Deutch Talks About Her Cut Cameo In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

We love a good unseen clip, especially when it involves the MCU and Zoey Deutch.

Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum Talks The Military Aspects And Self Sacrifice In ‘Purple Hearts’

In Part 2 of our interview with #PurpleHearts director, Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, we talk self sacrifice, the military aspects of the movie & what she wants people to take away.

Okay, Netflix, ‘Dated & Related’ Looks Like A Shit Show Of Chaos And Awkwardness

We love trash television. We’re not talking about like the good trash television here, we’re talking about the hot mess shit that people go on just to try and be famous. You will never convince us that people go on…

‘Wedding Season’ Interview: Pallavi Sharda & Suraj Sharma

Pallavi Sharda & Suraj Sharma are fantastic in #WeddingSeason. We sat down to talk to the stars and well, we love them even more now