See The Latest Still From ‘Spencer’

There is nothing that has come out from #Spencer that is not breathtaking, including this new still.

Addison Rae Talks About The Most Challenging Scene To Film In ‘He’s All That’

We see the humor in this, but then again we weren’t the one that had to keep jumping in a shower.

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 3×08 Review: “Free Your Mind”

Every week since season three of Roswell, New Mexico began, I have struggled with just how to start my reviews.  There is so much information in each episode that I often feel like Liz trying to process it all.  Roswell,…

See The Sneak Peek For Olivia Wilde’s Film ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

Alright, Harry Styles fans, are you sitting down? good because we have some news for you. His upcoming film ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ directed by Olivia Wilde, finally has a release date. We were all surprised when she dropped a little…

Turns Out We’ll Be Waiting ‘Til 2023 For ‘The Little Mermaid’

2023 feels so far away! But we’re going to be waiting until then for the live action #LittleMermaid. Find out when!

Hallmark Announces Its Cast For ‘The Christmas Promise’

Hallmark has announced the casting for another one of their Christmas movies and we’re super excited over it.

Tom Holland’s Birthday Wish To Zendaya Has Made The Internet Soft

Like the rest of the world, we’re completely soft and tearing up over #TomHolland’s post for #Zendaya’s birthday! #MYMJ

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 3×06 Review: “Bittersweet Symphony”

Roswell New Mexico episode 3×05 “Killing Me Softly With His Song” left us with a crazy cliffhanger. Just to refresh your memory, Max got home to find an unconscious Maria bleeding on the floor. Maria had gone there to find…

Halsey’s IMAX Movie ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’ Is An Immersive Experience

Halsey’s fourth album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power is officially out now.  With this one they have pulled out all the stops.  It’s currently on repeat and I am not ashamed to admit I was blasting it…

Jordan Alexander Talks About How She Found Out About ‘Gossip Girl’

Gossip Girl is an obsession, even after the midseason finale pissed us off and made us hate Julien (for fairness, we already disliked) and Obie (which is painful to say). But that means that the actors who play the characters…

Logan Marshall-Green Joins The Cast Of ‘Big Sky’

Season two of ABC drama Big Sky is getting closer to returning for the Fall TV slate and the series is adding more and more cast members.  The latest one to join the David E. Kelley series based on the…

‘Heels’ 1×02 Review: “Dusty Finish”

In Ep.2 of #Heels we have become emotionally invested in Jack and Ace and want to see them repair their relationship.

Ben Barnes Celebrates 40th Birthday By Announcing The Release Of His First Music EP

We have a confirmation, folks! Our prediction that Ben Barnes would be announcing the release of his own music on his birthday has come true.  For months, fans have been speculating that Ben has been working on an album. If you’ve…

Ed Sheeran Announces New Album, “=”

We’re always up for new music, but especially when it comes from Ed Sheeran. The singer/songwriter announced his new album today. Read more about it here!

Chrissy Teigan Has A New Cookbook Coming

We love all things celebrity and we know that a lot of their brands aren’t great. But Chrissy Teigan’s cookbooks – they ARE great!

Sarah Shahi Is Asked About That ‘Sex/Life’ Rumor

You gotta hand it to Sarah Shahi, she can keep secret…

But then again, this isn’t really any of our business.

‘Outer Banks’ 2×05 Review: “The Darkest Hour”

There aren’t many times that a second season of a show out does the first, but #OBX2 is fucking phenomenal.

The Key Art For Netflix’s Upcoming Movie ‘Worth’ Has Been Released

We just know one thing, this movie will tear at our soul.

‘The D’Amelio Show’ Gets A Premiere Date

If there is anything that we learned during quarantine is that we are all in for reality tv. it may be trash, sure. But hey, one mans trash is another’s treasure.

‘Outer Banks’ 2×01 Review: “The Gold”

John B should learn to listen to Sarah, but then again, if he did, we wouldn’t have all this drama and we’re living for that. Well that and John B and Sarah – we ship hard.

Halsey Releases Second Trailer For ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’

Halsey really knows how to keep us all on our toes.  A second trailer for their IMAX film, inspired by their upcoming fourth album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power was just released.  We were already excited for…