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Lawyer. Writer. Columnist. Geek. Eternal optimist. Fangirl since the dawn of time. Hates the color yellow, olives and cigarettes. Has a recurring nightmare where she’s forced to choose between sports and books. Falls in love with fictional characters.

‘Modern Love’ 2×04 Review: “A Life Plan for Two, Followed by One”

Modern Love 2×04 “A Life Plan for Two, Followed by One” is a story about friendship, first and foremost. A celebration of it, if you will.

‘Modern Love’ 2×03 Review: “Strangers on a Train”

Modern Love 2×03 “Strangers on a Train” is both a hopeful, brilliant episode of television, and one of the most frustrating hours of the season.

Chloe Bennet is No Longer a Powerpuff Girl. The Internet Reacts

Chloe Bennet has exited the Powerpuff Girls adaptation, and the internet has a lot of ideas as to why and what role she could play next.

‘Modern Love’ 2×01 Review: “On a Serpentine Road, With the Top Down”

Modern Love 2×01 “On A Serpentine Road, With the Top Down” is an episode about love – the one we lost, and the one that was waiting for us.

What If…? 1×01 Review: “What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?”

Marvel Studios’ What if…? examines the possibility that, instead of Captain America, we got a Captain Carter. And we’re in love.

Marvel Studios’ ‘What If…?’ is Better Than It Had Any Right To Be

Marvel Studios’ What If…? isn’t just fanfic brought to life in animated form, it’s actually an engaging, emotional show that will hook you.

Allyson Felix Becomes Most-Decorated US Track And Field Athlete Ever

Allyson Felix became the most decorated US track and field athlete ever. Take that, Nike!

Could Celebrities Stop Telling Us About Their Bathing Habits?

Could celebrities just stop informing us what their bathing habits are? We don’t think we’re asking for too much here. Stop. Talking.

The Friendship Between Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds & Taylor Swift is ❤️❤️

The friendship between Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Swift is ❤️❤️. Ryan discussed Taylor using his daughter’s names in a song.

‘Stranger Things’ To Return in 2022

We’re not getting season 4 of Stranger Things till 2022, and we can’t deny that we’re more than a little bummed.

Someone Tell Clint Eastwood to Stop, Please

The Cry Macho trailer and synopsis are …a lot. None of it good. Can someone tell Clint Eastwood to stop?

‘Chicago Med’ To Require Vaccinations On Set

Chicago Med has become one of the first network shows to require COVID-19 vaccinations on set, and we’re 100% in for this.

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Comeback? Holiday Movie On Roku Likely

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is coming back! Yes, that’s right, the critically acclaimed drama is getting a holiday movie on Roku.

Meghan Markle Celebrates Her 40th Birthday With New Initiative

Meghan Markle is turning 40 with a new initiative to support women, and we both wish her a happy birthday and celebrate her new project.

We’re Back on Our Kastle Bullshit, and We’re Proud of it

Is Deborah Ann Woll really on the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home? Are we getting Karen Page back? If so, we need Kastle back too.

Check Out The New Posters And Pictures From ‘Cinderella’

New posters – and a few pictures – from Amazon Studios’ Cinderella are here, and we’re absolutely in love with them.

‘Modern Love’ Season 2 Advanced Review: Setting Sail Into the World…

Modern Love is back for season 2 and yes, it’s still like a warm hug in storytelling form. Join us as we preview the season.

Jennifer Aniston Cut Unvaccinated People From Her Life, and Honestly, We Are 100% With Her

Jennifer Aniston confessed that she’s had to cut unvaccinated people from her life, and honestly, we 100% agree with her decision.

Kit Harington Talks Post ‘Game of Thrones’ Mental Health Struggles

Kit Harington got candid while discussing why he took a break after Game of Thrones and what drew him to his new Modern Love role.

The Trailer for The New ‘Cinderella’ Is Here!

The trailer for the new Cinderella, starring Camila Cabello, is here, and it’s all good, we’re not emotional or anything. We’re fine.

Michelle Forbes To Join ‘New Amsterdam’ For Season 4

Michelle Forbes is joining the cast of New Amsterdam for season 4, and that means we’re getting a latina doctor, so trust us, we’re happy.