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‘Ms. Marvel’ 1×04 Review: “Seeing Red”

Ms. Marvel’s 1×04 “Seeing Red” is the first episode set in Karachi, bringing us a different set and cultural intensity.

‘Ms. Marvel’ 1×03 Review: “Destined”

Ms. Marvel 1×03 “Destined” explores Kamala’s whirlwind emotions as she grapples with the reality of her powers.

‘Transplant’ 2×10 Review: “Shadows”

‘Transplant’ 2×10 “Shadows” forces the doctors to navigate through the hospital’s unseen- literally, there’s a blackout.

‘Ms. Marvel’ 1×02 Review: “Crushed”

Ms. Marvel’s 1×02 “Crushed” focuses on a whole host of emotions, with subtle and specific references to the Pakistani-Muslim culture.

‘Ms. Marvel’ 1×01 Review: “Generation Why”

Ms. Marvel’s 1×01 “Generation Why” emphasizes Kamala’s challenges of being a fangirling teenager in a quirky desi family.

Ms. Marvel: A Pakistani-Muslim Woman’s Expectations

Ms. Marvel is a notable milestone for South-Asian individuals everywhere, but it’s mainly a momentous occasion for Pakistani Muslims.

‘Transplant’ 2×09 Review: “Between”

‘Transplant’ 2×09 “Between” navigates the helplessness of being stuck as the doctors scramble to remedy patients and personal lives.

Book Review: ‘Ayesha at Last’ By Uzma Jalaluddin

‘Ayesha at Last’ brings together the ruthless marriage market, busybody aunties, lost dreams, retribution, and a whole lot of Shakespeare.

‘Transplant’ 2×08 Review: “Scars”

Transplant 2×08 “Scars” showcases survival. This episode focuses on the physical and emotional scars of fighting demons. The doctors and the patients relate to one another as they struggle to overcome their past and focus on a future beyond the…

‘Transplant’ 2×07 Review: “Control”

Transplant 2×07 “Control” is about gaining and losing. Specifically, certain doctors find themselves gaining control while others seem to be losing it. The control framework is complex because life is never fully in our control. No matter how much we…

‘Transplant’ 2×06 Review: ‘Liberty’

Transplant 2×06 “Liberty” finds the doctors thinking of freedoms, some by choice and some by necessity. As we’ve seen, this season has been no stranger to tumultuous relationships and tensions running high. In fact, it seems like one thing or…

‘Transplant’ 2×05 Review: ‘Roads’

Transplant 2×05 “Roads” finds the doctors navigating new roads amongst the chaos. While everyone’s personal lives interfere at work and with each other, the doctors push through to be their best selves. But sometimes, being the best in the chaos…

A Thank You Letter to Bridgerton’s Sharma Women

Thank you to the Sharma Ladies for fulfilling so many dreams through their formidable South-Asian representation in Bridgerton S2.

‘Transplant’ 2×04 Review: ‘Contact’

Transplant 2×04 ‘Contact’ finds the doctors on completely different wavelengths. While pain strikes some, others find a modicum of happiness.

‘Transplant’ 2×03 Review: ‘Sever’

Transplant 2×03 ‘Sever’ finds the doctors severing ties with any semblance of tranquillity as new opportunities and personal issues take over. Let’s dive right in: chief. june. curtis. As June looks at the OR schedule, wondering why she isn’t on…

‘Transplant’ 2×02 Review: ‘Jasmine’

Transplant 2×02 ‘Jasmine’ finds the doctors adapting to a new normal and trying their hands at a balancing act amidst the upset.

‘Transplant’ 2×01 Review: “Guardrail”

Transplant 2×01 “Guardrail” forces everyone to teeter the edge. At the end of last season, Bishop had a stroke, Mags and Bash shared a moment, Theo was working through family issues, and June was thinking about Chief Resident. In the…

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Transplant Season 2

Transplant is back for season 2, diving headfirst into a brand new season with emotional and heart wrenching stories.