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Seven Moments from ‘XO, Kitty’ That Paid Homage to ‘To All the Boys’

Though XO, Kitty focuses on the youngest Covey sister, the Netflix series has many references to the To All the Boys movie trilogy.

‘XO, Kitty’ Season 1 Review: A K-drama with Realistic Lessons

Kitty Covey has always exuded main character energy, and now she truly is the main character in “XO, Kitty.”

‘Schmigadoon!’ 2×06 Review: “Over and Done”

We’ll miss it, but we’re OK with saying goodbye to Schmicago after Schmigadoon! 2×06.

Five Things We Noticed in the ‘XO, Kitty’ Trailer

It’s time for the youngest Covey to shine in XO, Kitty, and a few things caught our eye from the trailer.

‘Schmigadoon!’ 2×05 Review: Famous as Hell

Though the episode’s ending sets up an interesting season finale, Schmigadoon! 2×05 could have benefited from a change in pace.

‘Schmigadoon!’ 2×04 Review: “Something Real”

Schmigadoon! episode 2×04 is titled “Something Real,” and you know what’s real? The feeling of wanting more when we got to the end of the episode.

‘Schmigadoon!’ 2×03 Review: “Bells and Whistles”

If you’re looking for laughs and searching for stories in song, Schmigadoon! 2×03 “Bells and Whistles” is here to deliver.

‘Schmigadoon!’ 2×01 & 2×02 Review: Already Bigger & Better

With a two-episode premiere, season two of Apple TV+’s Schmigadoon! is already deeper, darker, and more delightful.

‘Tetris’ Movie Review: A Tale of Taking Chances

AppleTV+’s Tetris is about taking chances, a man trying to keep his promises, and giving credit where credit is due.