Bethlehem Million Joins The Cast Of ‘The Good Lawyer’

After all of the cancellations as of late, we’re going to find it hard to invest ourselves in anything. We’re definitely pissed over the NCIS:LA and Vampire Academy cancellation. It feels as though someone in an office somewhere is making…

‘Saturday Night Live’ Should Have Leslie Knope & April Ludgate Host Forever

What happened when Aubrey Plaza hosted Saturday Night Live? An epic Parks and Recreation takeover with Amy Poehler. As it should be.

‘Jung_E’ Review: And We Thought ‘Train to Busan’ Made Us Cry

Netflix’s Jung_E has one singular problem: we want a sequel right now. Read our review of the South Korean film here.

Jennifer Coolidge Joins TikTok

Jennifer Coolidge launches her TikTok very epically, as one does when you’re Jennifer Coolidge and you’re epic.

The Hallmark Channel Movie Review: ‘The Wedding Veil: Journey’

#TheWeddingVeilJourney is definitely a journey that makes you appreciate friendship and the family that you choose and the power that it holds

‘The Watchful Eye’ Catches Us With Its Trailer

We have a new obsession: The Watchful Eye. The show has mystery, some great performances, and leaves you glued to your couch in every episode

Millie Bobbie Brown Looks Fierce In The Released Pic For ‘Damsel’

Well, she’s no damsel in distress. As a matter of fact she looks like she can kick our ass. See the first pic for #Damsel

Cover Reveal: ‘Heartbeat’ By T. J. Rudolph

We enjoy a good Romance featuring a hot doctor. That’s why we can’t wait for Heartbeat by T. J. Rudolph to release later this Spring.

Will Someone #SaveVampireAcademy?

Peacock has cancelled Vampire Academy, which only means the #SaveVampireAcademy campaign is alive and well. Here’s how to help.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×13 Preview: “The Man of the Moment”

Chicago Fire 11×13 “The Man of the Moment” might not be about Severide, but we want to take this moment to send good vibes to Taylor Kinney.

7 More Sharpwin Fanvids to Watch Instead of the ‘New Amsterdam’ Series Finale

Now that New Amsterdam is over, here are 7 more Sharpwin fanvids that you should watch instead of that series finale.

Ariana Godoy Talks Following the Story of ‘Through My Window’ in her New Book ‘Through You’

We had a chance to sit down with Ariana Godoy to discuss her new book, Through You, the sequel to worldwide phenomenon Through My Window.

Fangirlish Feels of the Week: January 14 – January 20

We watch a lot of TV, so we decided to come together to highlight all those feels of the week that our favorite shows give us.

‘How I Met Your Father’ Adds One To The Cast

We’re all for more people joining the cast of #HIMYF cause more drama and living. Just don’t screw with our ship

Things to Do During the ‘Star Trek’ Hiatus: Key Episodes to Watch

Our “Things to Do During the Star Trek Hiatus” series is back with our watchlist of key episodes of Next Gen, Voyager, and Star Trek: Picard!

‘Outlander’ & STARZ Have Bittersweet News For Fans

We’re *almost* celebrating! STARZ announced an eighth and final season of Outlander and has greenlit its sequel Outlander: Blood of My Blood.

The Internet Isn’t Here for Jared Leto in ‘Tron 3’

After years in limbo, Tron 3 is happening and Jared Leto is involved? Yeah, the internet isn’t having it and we agree.

‘Scream VI’ Trailer: What’s in the Shrine & Does It Mean Gale’s Doomed?

The first full-length Scream VI trailer dropped this week, and the theories are already flying. What’s next for Ghostface? Killing, probably.

‘That 90’s Show’ Season Review: We’re Loving The Kids In Wisconsin

We grew up on That 70’s show. So, what did we think of That 90’s show? Well, we have a lot of feelings…

Nida Manzoor’s ‘Polite Society’ Looks Like the Best Movie of 2023

Polite Society, which is directed and written by Nida Manzoor, looks like the best movie of 2023 thanks to that official trailer.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×12 Review: “How Does it End”

Chicago Fire 11×12 “How Does it End” gives us both temporary drama and long-lasting drama — but Stellaride is solid, and we’ll take that.