Ryan Reynolds To Take A Sabbatical From Movies

#RyanReynolds has been everywhere and has been working a lot. We’re thankful for it, because hey, we ❤️ him. But we’re glad that he’s taking a sabbatical

‘Halloween’ Retconning Laurie and Michael Being Siblings is The Dumbest Thing This Franchise Has Ever Done

Halloween retconning Laurie and Michael being siblings is the dumbest thing that this franchise has ever done and that’s saying a lot.

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×05 Photos: “This Be The Verse”

Max and Helen are fighting to preserve their legacies at #NewAmsterdam even as it seems as everyone is trying to change what they’ve done

‘The Rookie’ 4×04 Review: “Red Hot”

The Rookie 4×04 “Red Hot” is a bridge episode that moves the plots a bit forward although Aaron and Lucy bond and we didn’t know we needed it

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 13×02 Review: “Fukushu”

NCIS: Los Angeles 13×02 “Fukushu” highlights the recent wave of AAPI hate in a very powerful, well-written way.

‘Chapelwaite’ 1×08 Review: “Hold the Night”

Chapelwaite 1×08 “Hold the Night” begins to lay the groundwork for the season finale as Rebecca and Charles get closer than ever.

‘Pretty Smart’ 1×07 Review: “Guys! It’s A Cody Briggs Night!”

Becoming a member of the “group” isn’t always easy, but when you get there, it’s worth it. Chelsea learned that on the latest episode of #PrettySmart.

Here’s What the Internet Thinks About ‘The Batman’s Robert Pattinson & Zoë Kravitz Playing the Iconic Duo

The internet is all over Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz’s Batman and Catwoman in the latest ‘The Batman’ trailer.

‘Chicago Med’ 7×05 Pictures: “Change Is a Tough Pill To Swallow”

The Chicago Med 7×05 pictures promise a lot more of the dynamics this season has established, and that’s not a tough pill to swallow.

‘The Last Duel’ Review: The Truth According to a Woman

The new historical epic The Last Duel puts the strength of an A-list director and actors behind a story centering a woman telling her truth.

Britney Spears Opens Up About Her Fears Of Doing Something Wrong

No lie, Britney’s Instagram post made us tear up for her. But also, we’re in awe of her strength.

Book Review: ‘The Grimrose Girls’ is a Slightly Unhinged and Very Fun Murder Mystery

The Grimrose Girls is a Once Upon A Time-style fairytale retelling and a slightly unhinged high school murder mystery.

Disney+ Releases The Trailer For ‘Home Sweet Home Alone’

Home Alone made me see the beauty in staying home alone. You know, minus the ppl trying to rob the place. That part scared me

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 1×16 Review: “The Harry Wilson Job”

Leverage: Redemption 1×16 “The Harry Wilson Job” brilliantly closes season 1, marking a before and after and leaving us wanting more.

5 Unforgettable DC FanDome Trailers and More

From Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ to the ‘Supergirl’ farewell tribute, here are our favorite trailers and more from the DC FanDome event!

DC FanDome 2021 Teases What’s To Come for ‘Batwoman’ Season 2

DCFandome 2021 has us even more excited for what’s to come in season 2 of Batwoman by teasing Ryan teaming up with Alice!

One Chicago Ships Check — In: October 13

There’s a lot we love about One Chicago shows beyond ships but we can’t live without ships! We’re going to analyze their progress.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×05 Pictures: “Burnside”

Chicago P.D. 9×05 “Burnside” turns the focus on Kevin Atwater – and it’s about time. We just hope we get *some* answers.

David Eigenberg, Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte Talk Chicago Fire’s 200th Episode

David Eigenberg, Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte are family at this point. And honestly, it’d be weirder if they weren’t, considering Chicago Fire will celebrate it’s 200th episode next week, a feat not many shows get to – particularly not…

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ 2×10 Review: “First First Contact”

We’ve been boldly going all season with Lower Decks this year! Episode 2×10, “First First Contact” really sets the bar high for next season. Here are some of the things I enjoyed the most in “First First Contact” and a few of my expectations for season three. 

‘Pretty Smart’ 1×06 Review: “Here’s the tea! Jayden found a pottery twunk!”

Dating is always an adventure. It’s sometimes a good one, sometimes a bad one, most of the time a crazy time. You never know who you will like, who you won’t. People are all types of crazy and sometimes not…