Fangirlish 2022 End of the Year Lists: Movies We’re Looking Forward To In 2023

We know we’re not the only ones who plan out our moviegoing schedule a year in advance. Are we? With so many good films on the horizon in 2023, we’re already booking our calendars now. Here are some films we’re…

‘Emily In Paris’ 3×05 Review: ‘Ooo La La Liste’

We’re just gonna keep reiterating that we don’t like Mindy’s former boarding school cohort (and that’s all we’ll refer to him as)

‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ Spoiler-Free Review: Hercule Poirot Meets KFC

Rian Johnson‘s 2019 film, Knives Out, was a surprise hit that led to a two-picture deal with Netflix to continue to series. Which leads us to Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. It stars Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc –…

Emma Thompson Turns Into Agatha Trunchbull In New Featurette

Emma Thompson turns into Agatha Trunchbull in a new Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical featurette and honestly …how?

The Witcher: Blood Origin Interview: Mirren Mack

We talked to The Witcher: Blood Origin’s Mirren Mack about being the main antagonist of the show and what her character wants.

‘Emily In Paris’ 3×04 Review: ‘Live From Paris, It’s Emily Cooper’

We’re not shocked that Emily needs structure and her life is meant to be a part time influencer but full time marketer. You shocked? We didn’t think so.

‘The Recruit’ 1×08 Review: ‘W.T.F.I.O.H.’

In the season finale of #TheRecruit, Max again proves why you should trust no one and especially no one with bad bangs & bad tattoos.

‘Emily In Paris’ 3×03 Review: “Coo D’état”

We loved this episode of #EmilyInParis, because Emily has found her voice & that’s a beautiful thing. Read our review of episode 3

Fangirlish End of Year Lists: Our Favorite Christmas Movies of 2022

Between Hallmark, Lifetime, Netflix, and every other streaming service on the planet, there are approximately 80 bajillion new Christmas movies every year. We at Fangirlish did our level best to watch every single one of them. You could accuse us…

‘Emily In Paris’ 3×02 Review: “What It’s All About…”

Look, we want to understand how everything in #EmilyInParis is so out of this world unrealistic, but we also don’t care cause we love the show.

‘The Recruit’ 1×07 Review: “I.M.F.T.B.S.”

The fact that Owen slipped and let his d*** fall in places it never should pisses us off in this episode of #TheRecruit. Do better Owen!

‘Emily In Paris’ 3×01 Review: “I Have Two Lovers”

#EmilyInParis is back! We’re excited and have a lot of opinions on the first episode.

‘The Recruit’ 1×06 Review: “I.C.I.N.C.”

can we all agree that Max & Dawn are the shadiest of the shady? also that owens need to save everyone works against him? #TheRecruit

‘The Recruit’ 1×05 Review: ‘T.S.L.A.Y.P.’

Max is a manipulative b**ch and we’re not just talking sh*t cause of her bangs. We’re saying it cause it’s a fact.

Noah Centineo Has An Interesting Outlook On His Lack Of Privacy

We appreciate that Noah Centineo is so humble and kind about everyone knowing who he is. Most wouldn’t be.

‘The Recruit’ 1×04 Review: “I.Y.D.I.A.A.C.”

We’re going to need Owen & Hannah to grow up and get out of their own way. #TheRecruit has given us our slow burn & we need it.

‘The Recruit’ 1×03 Review: ‘Y.D.E.K.W.Y.D.’

Lester and Owen may have bonded, but we still don’t trust him. Like for real – don’t trust. There’s some shady shit going on.

Fangirlish 2022 End of Year Lists: Our Favorite Ship Moments of 2022

New End of the Year List! Today we are going to talk about our favorite ship moments of 2022 and we have a lot! Will you join us?

‘The Recruit’ 1×02 Review: “N.L.T.S.Y.P.”

We’re kinda obsessed with #TheRecruit. It wasn’t what we thought it would be. It’s better. Read our review of episode 2.

‘The Recruit’ 1×01 Review: “I.N.A.S.I.A.L.”

Grown up CIA lawyer/agent Noah Centineo is definitely something we can get behind. #TheRecruit is actually good

Netflix Releases First Look Pictures For ‘Your Place Or Mine’

These pics for #YourPlaceOrMine has us so excited for the film. They had us at Reese Witherspoon, enticed us with Ashton Kutcher & kept us with all this greatness!