‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×06 Review: “The Reaper”

In The Rookie: Feds 1×06 “The Reaper” Brendon and Carter must face their past while Simone has a meaningless epiphany about her relationship.

‘The Rookie’ 5×06 Review: “The Reckoning”

In The Rookie 5×06 “The Reckoning” Chenford’s flirtation is on fire as Harper’s family faces prejudice and someone returns with full force.

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×05 Review: “Felicia”

The Rookie: Feds 1×05 “Felicia” focuses on the case as Simone connects has some problems at her house. Meanwhile, Brendon meets someone new.

‘The Rookie’ 5×05 Review: “The Fugitive”

In The Rookie 5×05 “The Fugitive” the turn is special. Some couples take a step forward and others take steps back…Chenford is in the middle.

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×04 Review: “To Die For”

The resolution of the crossover! The Rookie: Feds 1×04 “To Die For” is where Simone is always right and the babies pay attention.

‘The Rookie’ 5×04 Review: “The Choice”

The Rookie 5×04 “The Choice” shows us the first crossover with The Rookie: Feds, while Rosalind enjoys her time. Plus, Chenford stares!

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×03 Review: “Star Crossed”

The Rookie: Feds 1×03 “Star Crossed” allows us to learn more about the past and personal lives of our favorite characters and we love it!

‘The Rookie’ 5×03 Review: “Dye Hard”

The Rookie 5×03 “Dye Hard” shows Celina Juarez’s first day as a rookie with Nolan as her training officer as Chenford yearns for each other.

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×02 Review: “Face Off”

The Rookie: Feds 1×02 “Face Off” strengthens the dynamic of the team as Carter makes a big decision and Simone faces her father’s doubts.

‘The Rookie’ 5×02 Review: “Labor Day”

The Rookie 5×02 “Labor Day” focuses on the case of the week while giving us some hints of the future. All spiced up with Chenford angst.

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×01 Review: “Day One”

The Rookie: Feds 1×01 “Day One” shows Simone’s first day as a federal and, as always, she must earn twice the place that is rightfully hers.

‘The Rookie’ 5×01 Review: “Double Down”

The Rookie 5×01 “Double Down” shows us that this is Chenford season as an old enemy returns to threaten all of our favorite characters.

7 Chenford Fanvids to Celebrate Their Journey 

In The Rookie Chenford took the first step! After almost a month of that kiss, we’re still not over and we need to celebrate their journey.

’The Rookie’ 4×22 Review: ”Day in the Hole”

In The Rookie 4×22 “Day in the Hole” there is only Chenford. There’re a lot of action too but, they’re what makes this season finale AWESOME.

‘The Rookie’ 4×21 Review: “Mother’s Day”

In The Rookie 4×21 “Mother’s Day” Chenford begins to grow as the episode shows that positions of power should only be for those who care.

‘The Rookie’ 4×20 Review: “Enervo” 

In The Rookie 4×20 “Enervo” we get to know Simone a lot more… to the detriment of our favorite characters. We review the two-part conclusion!

‘The Rookie’ 4×19 Review: “Simone”

The Rookie 4×19 “Simone” is a hybrid between a spin-off presentation and a two-part event…with all that that entails. We review!

‘The Rookie’ 4×18 Review: “Backstabbers”

The Rookie 4×18 “Backstabbers” is where Chenford makes us fall in love more and more and Nyla and James give us the best surprise.

‘The Rookie’ 4×17 Review: “Coding”

The Rookie 4×17 “Coding” is a transition episode that showed how strong Lucy is and we love that! But it isn’t show nothing more. We review!

‘The Rookie’ 4×16 Review: ”Real Crime”

The Rookie 4×16 “Real Crime” is…an absolute waste of time. Chenford and the last few minutes of it are the only things worth your time.

‘The Rookie’ 4×15 Review: ”Hit List”

The Rookie 4×15 “Hit List” is brilliant. It’s a complete episode both emotionally and in terms of plot and action. We review!