About Us

photoWe didn’t mean to do what we do. It kinda is ‘a hobby gone incredibly wrong’. One of us started out in the Twilight Fandom and the other one of us in the Beautiful Creatures Fandom. And we came together to start thewarmbodies.com.

Elena (the blonde) is a mother, a friend, and works incredibly hard. She is the owner and founder of Twilightish.com, one of the leading Twilight fan sites in the world.

Erin (the brunette) works more then one person should allow. But she knows fandoms inside and out. Ask her about anything, and she knows way too much.

Together we started Fangirlish.com. We were starting more fansites then we could keep up with and people kept asking us to do more.. And we decided that everyone needed a one stop shop for everything they needed.

We love fandoms, and don’t take for granted for a second, that we are lucky that we get to share things with the fans.

Need any more information. Contact us!

Erin – erin@fangirlish.com

Elena – elena@fangirlish.com