The Walking Dead: 6 Things We Learned at NYCC

The cast of The Walking Dead are the most tight lipped people I’ve ever seen. Imagine what their NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) must look like? You can’t even wink or suggest with a sigh at what’s coming in the highly anticipated season 7 premiere. Despite all that, we did learn SOME stuff at New York Comic Con (NYCC)!

P.S. Don’t fret because Andrew Lincoln wasn’t there or because Lauren Cohan started crying on stage as if this were her last interview. Maybe he’s just busy with family and she’s overwhelmed because she loves The Walking Dead family so much. *crosses fingers*

1. It’s a larger world.

Thanks to Robert Kirkman and the wonderful producers of The Walking Dead we’re looking at our world expanding. At first we thought little enclaves like Woodbury were far and few in between. Now we have Alexandria, Hilltop, and The Kingdom; the last one being the most recent and with a tiger! When we explore Negan’s holdings we’ll be able to truly see that the world isn’t as lost as we initially thought. And maybe when the time is right, they’ll help take down the owner of Lucille like he’s done to so many.

2. Andrew loves Norman.

When working on a show with so much heartache and suffering you’ve got to find a way to balance it all out. Andrew and Norman have done this by leaving chickens in each others trailers, glitter bombing everything, leaving each others motorcycle’s on a boat with a sex doll on it, and making the other read an apology letter meant as a prank for the audiences amusement. The bromance they perform on screen is not a lie. They’re brothers through and through.

3. Negan wields the power of the apocalypse.

Our survivors thought they had it all figured out and that they were the big kahuna’s of the apocalypse. Negan is here to show them that they are wrong and that he symbolises the new world order with his deeply entrenched structures, indoctrination, and intelligence. His people follow him because he’s saved them, kept them alive, and it’s better to stay as far away from the end of Lucille as possible. Negan has unlocked the power of the apocalypse and he’s not gonna let it slip through his fingers anytime soon.

4. Producers are using the f-bomb strategically.

Negan is known for using “fuck” as a sentence enhancer quite often. But it doesn’t fit with the general aesthetic of The Walking Dead. Producers have revealed that they will strategically be using the f-bomb when needed. They’ll also be keeping a lot of Negan’s best known lies in the show, with the f-bomb surgically removed. They want to make it special for us and only use it when the situation requires it. How sweet of you guys!

5. Everyone loves Melissa. And I mean everyone.

As soon as Melissa McBride’s name was mentioned the crowd went wild at NYCC! We love everyone on this cast but it’s clear to see that Melissa is a fan favorite. The cheering kept going to the point that Melissa got embarrassed and looked like she was tearing up a bit. She deserves all the praise for the fantastic journey she’s taken us on with Carol Peletier. This season we’ll delve even deeper into what it means to be alive for Carol and what she has to live for. We’re cheering for you Melissa! I mean Carol. Nope. I meant both!

6. Season 8 will be their 100th episode.

This right here is the most harrowing news. Do you know what this means? Do you see how they’ll have to ramp it up for the season 8 premiere and make Negan’s entrance look like child’s play? I think I’m more scared for the possibility of what’s to come during this premiere than I am for season 7.

The Walking Dead doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all in it’s story telling. In fact, it’s just begun.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres Sunday, October 23rd @ 9p.m. on AMC.

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