Fangirlish Does Valentine’s Day: Our Favorite OTPs

We all have them, those fictional couples that make our hearts beat faster, that make us smile and cry and just feel all the things  – be it because the actors ooze chemistry, because we can relate to some parts of their stories, or maybe because the journeys these people are on speak to a part of us.

So, for Valentine’s Day, we asked our writers to talk about their OTPs and why they love them. As you can see, there are many couples, from many different genres – but one thing remains the same – we all love how these people love each other.  And today, we’re gonna celebrate them!

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Lizzie: I can’t talk OTPs without talking Mulder/Scully, my first and, in a way, forever OTP – even despite Chris Carter, who is obsessed with the idea of platonic (WHICH THESE TWO DEFINITELY AREN’T). But there are a few new couples that get me, and even though the ones I love the most are not established couples, I’m happy to go on a journey with them. As I measure my love, or interest, at least, these days, by my fanfic preferences, I’m gonna say Lyatt, Kastle (who get the nod over Jessica and Luke because I like the journey those two are on by themselves for now) and Penelope and Schneider from One Day at A Time. (WHERE ARE MY FICS, PEOPLE? WHERE?)  They just make me want to want more, and more and more – always a good thing when it comes to OTPs.

Kayla: Karamel. End of story. Their love story is epic. They are happiest together. Even now, Mon-El knows he is at his happiest near Kara. As Kara tells him, “he made her so happy”. It took Mon-El YEARS, even while married to even look at his wife. Talk about love. He still wears Kara’s necklace, after 7 years and settling in a marriage that he says he is content with, his feelings for Kara rush back full force. They shared a true love’s kiss as well. This is one epic love story – and despite the angst – the best love stories have angst – these two aliens from Krypton and Daxam love each other more than anything else. They will find their way back to each other, and when they do nothing can stop them from being this epic superhero power couple that we know they are.

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Heather: My current OTP is my first from a book series in a long time, like probably since being a kid and ready Harry Potter. Right now I’m obsessed with Feyre and Rhysand from the A Court of Thorns and Roses Series. These two were the classic strangers, to enemies, to friends, to lovers, to soulmates story. They went through hell and back just about literally. And through all of that they were able to see the truth of who the other was, no matter what anyone else saw. They saw each other as equals and never judged the other for things they had done to protect those they loved. They healed each other. Much like my other OTP Forever with should surprise no one who knows me… Sterek. I love the idea that even though they didn’t end up together in canon and the show has ended there’s so much creative content for them. Regardless of fandom issues I love these two together.

Lariel: For me, an OTP is not only something I love to watch but is also a creative inspiration. So is anyone surprised that mine is still CaptainCanary from Legends of Tomorrow? Sara Lance and Leonard Snart had something that reminded me of my last real OTP, the Doctor and Rose from Doctor Who. Both couples are whip-smart and formidable teams in battle. (And I would pay good money for a snark-off between Snart and the Ninth Doctor.) But the real magic, to me, is how they made each other better. Snart helped Sara to see she was not a killer anymore, and we could see her moving past the mindset of the League of Assassins to becoming the Captain of the Waverider. Sara helped Snart see he could be something more than a master thief; that maybe hero really was on his resume. The Doctor gave Rose the chance to be more than she ever could have been if she’d never left the Powell Estate to travel with him, and Rose helped the Doctor heal from the darkness of the Time War. Each of these four individuals became something greater than they had been because they’d met, and that is the true power of love.

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Lacey: As a long time shipper, I have fallen in love with many couples but no one has captured my heart the way #Karamel has. The thing I love the most about Kara and Mon-El’s love is the purity they possess. They both come from VERY different worlds, raised on different morals and views but they found a common ground. They worked through all the adversity that should have kept them apart and found love. Even with their current separation, you can still see and feel the deep, unconditional love they have for each other. They have both grown and changed for the better and once they are reunited, I think we’ll see them even stronger than they were before. Mon-El has learned his worth and isn’t afraid to speak up and question things and Kara has learned to be more open and take a step back and realize she may not always be right. Their love has matured and they aren’t the same star eyed innocents they once were and I for one am so happy about that. Their love can stand the test of any time, space or circumstance. Karamel is truly one for the history books, folks!

Ariel: Its always gonna be Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries. I was hooked the minute Klaus told her about traveling the world and teased her about being Miss Mystic Falls. We’ve had scenes between them sprinkled throughout TVD and the Originals and their chemistry is off the charts. That phone call in TVD’s last season, woah man, don’t get me started. Sure, they started on shaky ground, but Klaus said he would be her last love. If that isn’t a proclamation to love her until the end of time I don’t know what is. I’m giddy just thinking about their reunion on The Originals. #Klaroline forever.

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Hillary: Wayhaught’s love story is one for the ages! The term may have been invented because of another couple, but Nicole and Waverly are the definition of an OTP. Epic gestures, surviving a gunshot, falling in love again in an alternate universe all are just a part of their love story. What I love about these characters are they are not defined by the relationship, but rather two humans who have fallen in love like a classic romance. Their relationship is top notch with Nicole’s kindness and positivity plus Waverly’s persistence and compassion, and they make my heart melt every time we see them on screen. Not only have they have grown as individuals, but also as an ass-kicking couple who fights revenants together. They are endearing, fearless, and full of heart. You can’t help but love them and their romance!

Charles: There is a lot of great ships to choose from but I really love lately Jake and Amy from Brooklyn 99. They are a perfect match for each other in the opposites attract sense. They have had great chemistry from the pilot episode and everytime I know a episode is going to be about them , I get a little extra pep in my step. From their first “Date” to one of the best proposals on tv in a long time, they have grown together as a couple and it’s been beautiful to see. The best part is we still have a wedding and what I expect to be some very emotional vows to see in the future.

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Sarah: I’ve had more than one OTP that has grabbed all my attention from their chemistry, their story, and genuine love they exhibit on screen. Currently (to no one’s surprise I’m sure) is Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar from Lucifer. At first glance these two strike as being complete opposites given he’s the immortal former Lord of Hell with a penchant for making deals, and she’s a down to Earth hardworking homicide detective, but their undeniable chemistry and shared passion for hunting down justice/punishment ignited their story the moment they met. What was thrilling is that up to this point the writers have taken the time to build up their friendship before killing us all with their first kiss on the beach to the multiple times Lucifer has literally died to save Chloe or pretending their fake engaged in a sting. I’ve enjoyed every single moment, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2018 brings for Deckerstar.

Chloe: Teen Wolf may be over, but my love for Stydia lives on. Stiles and Lydia’s romance was the definition of a slow burn, but watching their arc from totally unrequited to friends to a romantic relationship was oh-so-worth-it. As they started to grow closer, I always felt like Lydia and Stiles understood each other on such a deep level and looked out for each other when the craziness of Beacon Hills got out of control. Then there are the instances of them saving each other’s lives and Lydia helping to literally bring Stiles back into existence after he was erased from our reality. As a young Stiles Stilinski once said, “Sometimes things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination end up turning out to be, like, a perfect combination.” I just love their love.

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Beata: I have a lot of ships, many of which have already been named by other writers, but honestly, right now my favourite one is Stormpilot (aka Poe and Finn from Star Wars). I don’t know if it’s actually going to be canon, but I still love them to pieces. They’ve had amazing chemistry in every seen they’ve had together (the lip bite! The jacket!), so much that I’m always surprised when people who have seen The Force Awakens tell me they don’t see any chemistry between them. How could you not? I also love that they’re both such good characters individually. I adore Finn, and his journey in the new trilogy, and I love Poe just as much, and I think they complement each other so nicely. It plays on a lot of common tropes we see in straight ships, but with two guys, and I find it really new and exciting.

Lyra: I base my OTP’s on what kind of fic I’m reading right now. Those lucky few for the month of February are Sterek, Wayhaught, and a side of Holt/Kevin from Brooklyn 99. The last one happened because I was curious about what the life of this no nonsense captain is like. I was not disappointed. Sterek, my beautiful unicorn of a ship, never happened but the fanfiction and community of writers in it are amazing. Plus “opposite attract” is the trope of my dreams. Can’t deny it. And Wayhaught owns me because it’s a story of two women living, loving, and growing together. Every single episode is a delight to watch because they push their relationship in surprising directions that I appreciate and want to see more of on TV. Basically, gay ships are YAY SHIPS!

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Naomi: My 2018 Valentine OTP is none other than Iris West and Barry Allen of The Flash. Across any universe at any given point in time, these two were destined to be together. The way that they love and support each other, even when that sometimes meant letting the other be free to explore love with someone else, is so sweet. Their journey from BFFs to husband and wife has been filled with ups, downs, and several evil doers, but they always manage to find a home in one another. Their relationship has been portrayed in such a beautiful and healthy way- I can’t imagine how anyone could root against them. Laughing, crying, loving, running- has my heart!

Lynnie: Across seventy plus years, an unprecedented economic depression, a war that saw an increase in technological horrors done in the name of hate and greed, a not-quite-yet death – one a piece – brainwashing, waking up to a world where nothing is the same and the people you knew and loved were all dead or dying, brainwashing again, and whatever the second Avengers movie was supposed to be, Captain America and Bucky Barnes are no easy OTP to ship. They’ve spanned generations, evil organizations, the entire world out to get them, and they keep on fighting for each other. Marvel might not ever put them together, but you can bet your star-spangled ass they’re cannon to me. They have everything I need and more. Stucky is the sort of love story that is legendary, built upon love, trust, friendship, seeing each other at their worst and working through it together, forged in sickness and war, but never losing their hope in a better tomorrow, and their determination to protect one another. No other superheroes have quite the epic tale they do, the things they’ve had to endure to find some measure of peace in this century, and my heart will always be theirs. (Also, have you seen Cap with a beard? Hot star-spangled damn!)

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Raquel: I can’t choose just one, so my two favorite OTPs are Olicity and Jeller.

Olicity was unthinkable at the beginning of Arrow, it was that unexpected thing, what simply happened without it being planned and without us noticing. There was something clicked when Felicity Smoak first appeared and met Oliver Queen. That something was growing over the years from fellowship and friendship to a deep, seamless love. They have gone through a lot. Oliver was a broken man who only survived among his own shadows waiting to die. And Felicity was all light. That light of her, her way of being, all of her, attracted Oliver and Felicity guided him on the right path, supported him and made him find his own inner light and empower Oliver to become the hero he is today. Oliver’s way of being tested their relationship several times, to the point of having to face serious lies from him. But Oliver learned from every mistake and grew thanks to them, as did his relationship with Felicity. They overcame everything together and … NOW THEY’RE MARRIED! I can’t be happier for this couple, they deserve all the happiness in the world. And now, after overcoming so many obstacles, they are living it.

My other favorite couple is Jeller. In Blindspot with them we have lived conflicts that have put the trust in the other to the test. Both have lied thinking that it was the best to protect the other … even if it was not like that. Therefore, the two have had to face the consequences of feeling betrayed. But, united, they have always managed to overcome everything. Although it seemed that they were more separated than ever, they always found each other on the road. They approached little by little, with small gestures, looks and smiles … recognizing themselves, feeling and again letting the other enter where they belong: in the heart. They have come so far that … THEY’RE MARRIED! And, although lately the writers have made us suffer more than the account with this couple – in the art of writing there is always a smudge – we fall in love with them more and more. Their story is really wonderful and authentic. They deserve it all.

Agree? Disagree? Have another OTP you love? Share with us in the comments!

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