‘The Kiss Quotient’ Optioned By Pilgrim Media Group

If you haven’t heard of The Kissing Quotient, you are missing out on a really good book. It’s fun and a page turner.

The debut novel from author Helen Hoang has been optioned, and we’re excited at the possibility of the book coming to television. Craig Piligian’s, Pilgrim Media Group won the competition and has acquired film, TV and other media rights for the novel.

The novels heroine is a woman with Asperger’s Syndrome – which is deeply personal to Hoang. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2016 and it was her own life experiences that inspired her to write the book.

In the book, Silicon Valley econometrician Stella Lane finds herself in a little bit of a situation. It’s the time in her life where everyone – parents especially – think that she needs to start dating. Dating is difficult enough, but Stella has Asperger’s Syndrome – a type of autism that makes it difficult to socialize, communicate, and enjoy physical contact. Dating can lead to sex and all sorts of other stuff – so undeniably – Stella is a little nervous. One can’t blame her.

So she decides that she needs a professional. She hires Michael Phan – who guides her through everything – teaching her all about sex and fantasy and foreplay (you get the drift). What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love when thinks start making all sorts of sense. Love is logical? Who knew?

“We are so excited to bring Helen’s exceptional novel to the big screen,” said producer Craig Piligian. “The Kiss Quotient gives us a protagonist not often seen in romantic comedies, and it does so in a fun, heartfelt, and thoroughly human way that everyone can relate to.”

And that’s part of what makes us so excited! It’s so different that we get to see a protagonist that we normally wouldn’t see.

“While The Kiss Quotient is a work of fiction, it is highly personal to me and close to my heart. As a first-time author, I was unfamiliar with the process of adapting it for film, but after speaking with Pilgrim, and seeing their sensitivity and consideration for the material, I know the book is in the right hands. I am thrilled to see these characters reach a broader audience and make an impact,” author Helen Hoang said.

We can’t wait. This book deserves to come to life.

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