‘After’ Exclusive Interview: Hero Fiennes-Tiffin

Our HBIC visited the set of After and said one thing, “Hero gives the best hugs.” When asked why, she said, “You can tell that he just genuinely cares and is happy to be where he is.”
That’s one thing that we’ve learned about Hero Fiennes-Tiffin. The actor, who comes from a family of acting royalty, is all about carving his own path. And he’s enjoying himself along the way.
The actor, who is not active on social media, is a mystery and that’s not such a bad thing. Keeps you guessing what you are going to get next from him.
But that’s not a bad thing and we are here for the ride.
What was your favorite thing about working on After and filming this movie?
I feel like it’s meeting all of the people that I’ve met. I feel like it’s meeting all of the people that I’ve met. I feel like it’s meeting all of the people that I’ve met. I feel like everyone on this is going to say “everyone is great and we all got on really well in every project they do.” But genuinely I’m friends to this day with the majority of people who worked on this film. I don’t just mean cast I mean crew is well. We got really lucky and everyone really got on. Friends for life.
Why do you think Tessa and Hardin’s relationship works or does not work? What do you think people can learn from their relationship?
That unbreakable bond of love and attraction. It forces both characters Hardin and Tessa to do everything they can and realize they’re changing. They will do everything they can to continue to feel this feeling that they feel and don’t understand. They’re learning about each other and love.
I think that it’s not to be seen as a guidebook of the perfect relationship but is be seen as one example that people can admire the good aspects of and understand the bad aspects. Kind of -learn how to deal with them better than the characters in the film do. You can definitely learn from it and draw what you like and know to avoid what you don’t like. I think I’d like to strongly reiterate that it’s not by any means a guidebook for the perfect relationship
Even before the movie had a massive fanbase what was the biggest challenge you thinking you working to bring Hardin to life, knowing that there is such a passionate fan base out there already?
I think just playing him in the way that fans expect him to be. They know the characters so well. They’ve grown up with them. That’s an honor to get the opportunity to play him. Without having Anna on set with us every day it would’ve been a completely different ball game. So I felt very reassured with her there. She was keeping me in check and making sure that all aspects of how I was playing resonated with the book, but at the same time I felt a lot of freedom to be able to interpret the character in my own way. I think just by chance, the way I interpreted to him was similar to the way he actually is. It was a smooth process and where I will just have to see. The fans may think I did a terrible job, so we shall see. But I’m confident with the help from Anna and the support from the fans we lived up to their expectations.
Speaking of working with Anna did she give you one piece of advice that stands out that in helping your performance?
I don’t see a lot of stuff on social media, because I don’t see a lot of stuff on social media. I don’t see a lot of stuff on social media because I don’t spend too much time on it. But I think I still one thing about the mannerisms of him – running his hands through his hair he’s not the most comfortable of positions. She reassured me that was the case it’s just the small things like that where the fans are going to go, Oh that’s so Hardin. I pictured him doing that in those circumstances. I think we were lucky in the way I interpreted it was similar to the way she intended it. The same with the fans. I think that’s one example the small kind a mannerism and the tips and tricks that she told me. That tells me to do a strong accurate representation of the character.

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You recently completed the press tour in Europe. Can you talk about what it was like to be come face-to-face with the fans?
It was great. At first it was very overwhelming and to be honest just weird. It’s not normal for you to have loads of people screaming outside at your hotel or below the balcony. Slowly I got – I wouldn’t say used to it –  but more used to it. I just think the support and the enthusiasm that these fans have is just amazing. We appreciate all of it. Anna has clearly written something that so many people resonate with and appreciate. I’m just so grateful and thankful for all the support that they show us. It’s amazing.
When a book is adapted to film it introduces the story to a new audience. What would you say to people who haven’t read the book where they should go see this movie?
I think there is that thing at the timeless love story. I think there’s that thing of a timeless love story that’s never going to get old. It’s told in a refreshing way. I feel like times change so you always need a new one to keep up with the times. I think this one is done that really well. The book already has such a large number readers, so the initial story is obviously compelling in someway. It’s just a real authentic representation of modern day first love.
Where were you when you found out that you had gotten the role? What was going to through your mind?
I was in a café in London and my agent initially told me I did not get the role. Then five seconds later told me that I did. At first, I was like are you are annoying for doing that. Then it was followed by ecstatic happiness.

What was the most challenging thing about playing Hardin and what did you learn about yourself from playing this character?
I think the most challenging thing was generally knowing the idea that so many fans know this character so well and I had to hit or exceed that mark. I am confident that I did that. A bunch of different things I answer each time. I tend to think things through more in a more logical way and less impulsive than my character. I am proud of that personality trait and I want to make sure that I keep it.
So Hardin isn’t a bad guy, but he doesn’t make what most would call stupid decisions when it comes to the bet. What would you say is his redeemable quality?
His willingness to change after meeting Tessa. He understands what he had done wrong.
So why should people find Hardin someone to root for?
I think again it’s that willingness to change. I feel like a battle between two people on screen is always cool, but I think a battle between one person and themselves is always more interesting. What Tessa brings out of him is what he wants to change and better himself as a person. I think that that is always an attractive and interesting thing to watch – that journey for someone to go on trying to prove themselves as a person.
Which scene would you say you are most excited for the audience to see come to life?
Probably the lake scene. It’s so beautifully shot. Jenny and her husband Tom come from a background of photography and just know how things will look. It exceeded my expectations. How well they would make it look – they’re incredible in all aspects of what they brought to the film. But especially in how things look .
And speaking of Jenny, what was it like working with her and having her be your director on the film?
She’s amazing. First of all not just as a director but as a person. So is her husband. I spent a lot of time at their house playing video games with their kids and doing my laundry. I feel that the fact that I got to know them on a more personal level made the whole collaborative process on set a lot more smooth.  It created a nice healthy dialogue where it wasn’t a fight but more of a conversation for all parties. Where we all wanted to hear each others thoughts and opinions.
The cast seems to be real close. Was it that way in real life? Do you have a favorite memory from filming?
We didn’t have much free time at all but any free time we had was spent together. When we did have free time offset, we were just kind of raring to go. What was always really fun to film was the group scenes. We got on so well the more of us working at one time the merrier.
Did you take anything from the set?
I think most importantly my first experience leading a film. The things you just have to learn by kind of jumping in the deep end. I learned so much.
Did you take any props from the set?
I accidentally took my ring. I promise it was an accident. I have it in my room. I know where it is. I promise I will return it.
But if you could take something for a set and not have to return it what would it be?
My car. My characters car.
What comes next for you?
There’s nothing set in stone. There are few things floating around that I’m really interested in and I’m sure that you will hear shortly.

After is playing in theaters now.

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