You’ll have to excuse my day-late review, as the National Championship Game had my full and undivided attention. But even the National Championship couldn’t keep my attention once I got word of Champagne Gate, which we’ll get into a little bit later here. Simply put, The Bachelor is the showRead More →


Suddenly, my life has meaning again. Yes, that’s right, folks, The Bachelor is back — and it’s the most dramatic season YET. Well, after watching the premiere, Chris Harrison might actually be right about that one. Because those three hours were extremely intense and emotional and honest and confusing. Honestly, I wasRead More →

It was November 7, 1980-something. For some, those words won’t mean a damn thing. But for those that watch ABC’s The Goldbergs, those words bring back memories. If you’re looking for a comedy — and I’m talking about a really good comedy — then The Goldbergs is the show for you. Based on theRead More →

For a show that prides itself on depicting strong and empowering messages for its audience, Supergirl has a misguided idea of friendship. At least when it comes to Kara and Lena. You can make yourself believe anything if you try hard enough. After watching Supergirl‘s season 5 premiere, I can’t for theRead More →

Two of the things that I love most in this world are football and great television. Even better? Television shows featuring football. That’s the reason I ultimately gave All American a try last season. But I stuck around for so much more. It reminded me of Friday Night Lights in how itRead More →

After months of speculation and sitting on massive cliffhangers, we’re closer to seeing how things unravel in Supergirl season 5, where big changes are on the horizon. And I’m not just talking about Supergirl’s awesome new costume. While I’ve always been cautiously optimistic about any DCTV headed into what’s usually a drawn-outRead More →