7 WTF Moments from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Return of the King”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Return of the King” saw the welcome return of Gina Linetti, the human form of the 100 emoji. And like her departure, this episode was full of ups, downs, and clear WTF moments that make you question how you lived without Gina for so long. I don’t know how we survived, but we did, and it is time to live in the glory of the G-Hive and her commandments!

1. The Nine-Nine dropped those F-bombs!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember Brooklyn Nine-Nine cursing and bleeping out words in the manner that they have on NBC. I chalk it up to B99 having the ability to test their boundaries and new skits at NBC. Or maybe after being dropped by Fox they have no fucks left to give. Here’s hoping it’s a little bit of both.

2. Moses Gina has arrived!

How did Gina pitch Moses Gina? What revelation led her to this and how can I get my life together like Gina Linetti? I don’t know if we’ll ever know. Also, there’s a Santa Claus movie coming out with Anna Kendrick. So, there could be a female Moses and maybe Gina Linetti is the icon bringing this female genderbend to the forefront of our TV consuming minds.

3. Gina Linetti has commandments that people listen to….

I know that I should die with my money, but what else is there in the Gina-mandments? Bet they could guide me to a fruitful career free of parkour. Or a movie career where my Latinx and queer self brakes barriers and somehow saves the barrier reef at the same time. I don’t make the rules. Gina does. And she’d totally support a G-Hive members future aspirations!

4. Rosa Diaz and her struggle to be free!

The comedic timing and dedication put into this scene by Stephanie Beatriz is astounding. She went all in, no holding back, and gave us a memorable sequence of events we will not forget anytime soon. It also made us have flashbacks of our own poison oak struggles. We feel you on the itching Rosa. It’s epic, unforgettable, and you’d give up your first born for some anti-itch cream.

5. Gina being stabbed in the back.

Look, a tiny itty bitty part of me was glad that Gina was stabbed. (Itty bitty. Plus this is a show. I’m not crazy…) She needed a wake up call to see the damage her lies and ignorance had caused those that love her. Nevertheless, it was hella shocking to see her turn around and have AN ACTUAL KNIFE in her back. Definitely an option for Fall 2019 Halloween costumes.

6. Boyle and Holt having an actual story arc together.

Now this one is rarer than a blue moon. We never get to see Boyle and Holt interacting and we never get to see Holt treating Boyle with anything but contempt, sass, or glee at his use in whatever hijinx the Nine-Nine is part of now. “Return of the King” had them actually…talking…like people/colleagues/friends. It might’ve taken a bit to get to that point but they did and I’m proud!

7. Jake ACTUALLY talking to Gina like an adult.

It’s hard to tell your friends when they’ve fucked up or hurt your feelings. And part of adulting isn’t holding onto slights for the rest of your life. Adulting comes with forgiveness, kindness, and knowing that you can tell you friend what’s bothering you without feeling like you’re overreacting or asking too much. Jake adulted the hell out of his conversation with Gina and like the Boyle/Holt interaction, I’m super proud that growth is possible even between friends who haven’t seen each other in months because the G-Hive has kept them busy. (I’m not bitter….)


Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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