5 Favorite Moments from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Ticking Clocks”

Photo Credit: John P. Fleenor (NBC)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “Ticking Clocks” had guest star Sean Astin stir Captain Holt into a near nervous breakdown, Rosa and Jocelyn hit a bump in the road, and Amy proved (ONCE AGAIN) how much of a badass she is with that hood slide. Seriously, no one tell me otherwise, but that had to be Melissa on that hood. Also, I really appreciate how much Jake listens to Holt. He tries to pretend like he doesn’t but Holt really is his family/hero/father figure.

1. Holt’s nervous breakdown that only Jake could tell cuz fam.

I love that Jake knows Holt so well that the slight purse of his lip means that his hero/father figure is on the edge of slightly raising his voice or causing a kerfuffle. It’s a sign of how much they are family and how much Jake listens to Holt and observes him. Jake has always been the “wild one.” But like we’ve learned from previous episodes, that persona is something he partially built on so he can get away with things and be aloof. And at the heart of it all he can’t be that way anymore because we know that Jake listens to Holt. He always does.


2. Rosa trying to save her relationship with Jocelyn because she loves her.

It’s realistic AF to have Jocelyn want to cut things back because Rosa doesn’t seem to have time for her. Yes, it hurts. Breakups always do. But this was a wake up call to Rosa that if she wanted to keep the woman she loves, she’s going to have to meet Jocelyn half way. I don’t think it’s selfish that Jocelyn asked for more either. She cares for Rosa as much as Rosa cares for her. But she doesn’t want to stagnate and feel uncertain about what’s going on with Rosa. And I mean, who wouldn’t want certainty when it comes to the person you love. So this moment where she’s diving in through the doors, it was a desperate attempt to save something almost lost to Rosa. We’re glad she made it through.


3. That lasagna being Hitchcock and Scully’s priority.

You can always count on Hitchcock and Sully when it comes to food. It’s their number one priority! Over cases, over friends, over their personal wellness: FOOD REIGNS SUPREME. In “Ticking Clocks” we say these two “professional eaters” meticulously plan, execute, and adapt a plan to eat a delicious lasagna. There was a huge security risk going on in Holt’s office but honestly…THIS WAS THE MISSION I WAS ALL FOR! Also, garlic bread is ALWAYS needed with lasagna!


4. Amy Santiago sliding across that hood like a professional.

No one can convince me that this isn’t Melissa Fumero ACTUALLY doing this stunt. She practiced. She did it. And she’s the most badass to badass on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Sorry, not sorry Rosa. Amy had things to do, totally cancelled them, and made her way to the precinct because she had a bad case of FOMOW: fear of missing out of work. I’m gonna need Jake to see this action scene going on. His eyes would literally pop out of his head and Amy will add it to their sex bank cuz they’re that kind of couple.



Be honest with yourself, you know that Stephanie Beatriz can do this. This was a real computer mouse and Stephanie thought of the impending douchdom of this world when it comes to how queer people of color are treated and then SNAP that mouse went. She just has the power like Melissa Fumero. All Latinas have this power. It’s just science, fact, genetics. Pick one. It’s all true.



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