‘Blindspot’: When Is it Coming Back?

It’s strange that a Saturday arrives and I don’t write a Blindspot’s review. But that will not be possible at a time, in a longer time than we all expected. Yesterday, we learned that NBC took Blindspot out of their schedule without an explanation, without a new return date … they just dismissed the show as if it were garbage. So, I don’t have kind words for NBC right now.

It’s difficult to explain the anger that I felt, that all fans felt, at hearing such a decision. Later we learned that NBC had set the return date for our favorite show: May 24. Then, after some confusing information in the social media of the actors and the producer, Martin Gero, they added that a week later they would broadcast the two remaining episodes, on the same night.

Of course, having a return date and knowing that we will see the season finale is better than nothing. But it doesn’t make up for it at all. I’m pissed off. After a day, I’m still pissed and mad. And I feel like that because the way they rejected Blindspot was, as I mentioned before, like it were garbage and that feeling still persists, because they have not given any kind of explanations, and will broadcast the last two episodes together (when it was not programmed that way), as if they wanted to get rid of on this series as soon as possible.

It’s impossible for fans of a series to not be mad at such contempt. The fans deserve more, and so do the producers, actors, scriptwriters … and all the crew that makes the show possible and that every day puts all their effort, their time and their love so that we, from our homes, can watch the show. They have treated the series, the team behind it and us, the fans, like trash but … WE ARE NOT TRASH.

Blindspot is a different series, it always was. It has its ups and downs, like all series, but it doesn’t mean it deserves this treatment.   I am a fan of the show, so as a fan, I’m going to focus on us.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the networks move because money, goodness, the world moves because money. For NBC we are not more than a number (some, those who live outside the USA, not even that), but that number is important. It is the number that allows the series to have advertisers, which makes it possible for them to obtain money. But without that number there are no advertisers, nor is there money or anything. That number matters. WE MATTER AND DESERVE RESPECT.

The ratings of the series are not brilliant, frankly. They changed with the move to Friday (historically, the day where series usually go “to die”), which has not benefited it too much. But the show managed to carve a niche on that tragic day. They are not audiences that stand out, but they are not disastrous either.

With the decision they have taken regarding Blindspot they have not treated us with any respect, on the contrary, they have treated us as if we don’t matter. Amid all those numbers, NBC has forgotten its base: we, the fans. Because everything works thanks to us, not only for the fans who watch Blindspot, of course, but for those of us who watch other shows. If they didn’t have an audience the network would close, and the money would end. We are the heart that makes them work.

NBC, in the midst of numbers has forgotten that a heart can wither and rebel, have forgotten that, a heart can get tired and all the love that can be felt can turn into disappointment, contempt and, even worse: indifference. NBC has forgotten that we have the command, we decide and if they despise us like that, we can decide to turn on the TV and tune it to any other network, except NBC.

Sincerely, Blindspot and the crew of the show deserve to us be there on May 24 and the following week, but NBC doesn’t deserve to have this series on its schedule nor does it deserve us as spectators.

What does this mean for the future?

Well, of course, this decision by NBC doesn’t give much hope for a new season. If they were happy with the show and the performance they are having, they would not have moved it. However, Gero is quite optimistic about the prospects of its renewal, not only in his tweet (where he tells us he expects to give us news soon about a new season) but also in statements to TvLine, in which he mentions:

“We’re very optimistic that we’ll be able to do a fifth season, and [the finale is] setting up the show to do just that… We’re not done yet.”

He adds that “the end of season 4 would be a very bad series finale,” implying that the end will be very open and intriguing.

After all this, I can’t help but have mixed feelings, do I want a new season on NBC after they’ve done this? Of course, I want to see a season 5 of my favorite show, and I want a good ending. But, as I mentioned before, NBC doesn’t deserve us as fans, and they don’t deserve our favorite show either.

So, realistically, I’m staying in an intermediate option. There is no choice to make if there is a new season. The fans and all the team behind the series deserves for us to come back if they do, and they deserve the chance to give us the ending they wanted. And, counting on everything that has happened, I hope that NBC will renew the show for one more season, even if it is shortened one, and let us have the opportunity to close everything off without leaving a bittersweet taste in our mouth.

Regarding the network, the decision they made contradicts the good prospects of Martin Gero, but he is the producer … and he would not give us false hopes. So I think that NBC would be willing to renew the series for a final season, even if it was shortened.

That would not compensate what they have done, but nothing will, and at least we would have an end to match. Although, of course, we will not forget this. The fans have  infinite patience, but we can be a very powerful enemy and with a long memory. We won’t forget.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot returns on Friday, May 24 at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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