‘Game of Thrones’ 8×02 Roundtable: “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

Well, color me delighted, and shocked and utterly terrified. Because that was probably the most emotionally satisfying episode in the whole of Game of Thrones, and that doesn’t seem like it bodes well for the upcoming battle. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, no. We deserve this happiness, so we’re going to enjoy it.

From Brienne finally getting the recognition SHE DESERVES, to Arya getting a moment of humanity and peace, to Daenerys learning the truth of Jon’s heritage, this was a packed episode where a lot happened, and where, despite the liberal use of the word fan-service by the general public, absolutely everything felt earned.

Joining me this week are Kenzie, Ashley, Gillian, Michelle, Naomi and Raquel as we discuss “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” and not just out feels, but what we expect to see next.

Here we go!

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”? Did the episode live up to your expectations? What was your favorite moment?

Lizzie: I have never felt so sure of the fact that an episode is a perfect freaking 10 as I do right now. This was perfection, there’s absolutely nothing that felt out of place for me, not one beat they misjudged. And as much as I’ve followed and enjoyed this show, I’ve criticized it a lot too, so that’s not a given.

My favorite moment was Brienne’s …well, everything, but the knighting ceremony in particular, and that smile, that moment with Jaime at the end. It was a moment five seasons in the making.

McKenzie: There is not a number I could give it. It’s beyond a 10 for me. This episode was everything and one of the best of the whole series in my opinion.  My favorite moment was the knighting of Brienne. This is everything she has always wanted, screw chauvinistic tendencies, and to top it all off it was Jaime who gave it to her.

Ashley: Without a doubt this episode is a 10 for me. Beyond that. This is the best character driven episode of the entire series. I loved watching all of Jaime and Brienne’s interactions, but obviously Brienne’s knighting was my favorite. Brienne gets something she’s always wanted, even if she won’t admit it to herself, but not only that, the fact that she was knighted by the man she loves is the icing on the cake. Watch their body language, small gestures, and eyes during that scene. I turn into a sobbing mess every time.

Gillian: A very solid 9. I haven’t really been anticipating much from each episode so I didn’t have many expectations aside from anything relating to Jaime. Favorite moment was Brienne being knighted. I mean, how could it not?!

Michelle: This was the best ‘calm before the storm’ episode I’ve watched. Definitely a 10, if not more. I felt all of the pieces slowly coming together, and there is an impending doom feeling that I got. Ooh!

Naomi: I would give the episode a 10. It was a slow burn, but left me feeling so satisfied with the characters who got a chance to say the things they needed to say and do the things they wanted to do.

Raquel: For me it’s a 7. It has been wonderful to see the reunion of all the characters, characters who had not seen each other for a long time and who, the last time they met each other’s eyes, were enemies. I liked how everyone shared that last night between enemies and friends, and how they made a journey along the path that everyone has walked, like a farewell … the prelude to what will happen next week.  However, it has been an introductory episode, the shadow of the battle between living and dead has weighed too much on the episode.

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The title, of course, refers to Ser Brienne of Tarth, who Jaime Lannister knighted in a ceremony that meant a great deal to Brienne, and us. How does it feel to see how far Brienne has come and why is she an important role model?

Lizzie: I feel like I’ve been watching this show for years, mostly because of Brienne, like the desire to see her journey through to the end got me through some moments when everything about this show made me mad, and right now, in this precise instant, it all feels like it was worth it. Because the thing about Brienne is that she’s always been this, but the journey she’s taken has been of acceptance – she is indeed worthy of it, and now not only she sees it, but others do. And for us, watching on the outside, she is proof positive that there’s not one way to be feminine, not one way to be a warrior, not one way to be a woman. We’re all valuable, we’re all important, and we can all get to this place.

McKenzie: Brienne has had so much growth over the last several seasons.  She is just, honorable, fair, she does what is right. She is the epitome of what a knight should be.  In my eyes, she is an important role model because she offers something completely different to all the other female characters on the show.  She doesn’t do anything for selfish reasons. She serves others. The writers have done a great service to us all in portraying her character. I will be crushed if she dies.

Ashley: My friends have heard me speak ad nauseam for literal years about why Brienne of Tarth is the best, most underrated, and one of the most important characters in Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire that EVERYONE IGNORES. She’s the only character with POV chapters in the books that the show sidelines, which is my only real beef with the show as a whole. After this episode aired, I turned my phone on to find 5 texts and many facebook messages asking if I was okay!

Needless to say, this episode was vindicating on many levels. Not just the knighting ceremony, but seeing how Brienne could stand up in the middle of a trial to defend Jaime and everyone takes her at her word because her word is gold. Brienne’s integrity speaks for itself. Jaime respects her so much that he says he would be honored to fight under her command. Sansa saying repeatedly how much she trusts Brienne. Brienne getting knighted in a room full of accomplished men and not a one of these guys denies how deserving she is of the title. Brienne is my favorite character in all of fiction. She’s the kind of person I try to be–someone whose word means something, someone who seeks justice, is unafraid to give honest counsel, even when it hurts, and defends the innocent. It was also important for me to see Brienne be respected by so many people as an unconventional woman and NOT being asked to change. Brienne has done things on her own terms and succeeded. It was emotional catharsis for me to see her finally get the respect she deserves.

Gillian: It was very moving. Brienne has consistently been one of my favorite characters and Gwendoline Christie plays her to perfection. I agree with everything McKenzie said. She is one of the most loyal characters on the show and deserves everything!

Michelle: I was very moved by this scene and the symbolism for the scene, this season, and especially for Brienne. Brienne’s character arc with every season, and overall through the series, has always been one of an uphill progression. Outside of this specific scene, Brienne has always been in scenes of importance, and that’s what makes me love her even more.

Naomi: I love Brienne’s character for a couple of reasons. One, she is extremely loyal. Two, she’s a hell of a swordswoman. And finally, I love her because she doesn’t recognize her effect on others; great people often don’t. She simply lives and speaks her truth. Everyone who spent time with her feels deeply for her and/or owes her a debt of gratitude. Tormund, Podrick, The Hound, Renly, and Jaime have all been affected by their interactions with Brienne. Even Sansa and Arya have reaped the good fortune of being in Brienne’s presence.

Raquel: I LOVE AND I ADMIRE BRIENNE.  She is a role model because she never followed the pre-established path she had since she was born. It was always her. At all times. She realized who she was, and what she wanted in life … and went on her way. Not caring what anyone said, not caring about the teasing.  She always did what her heart dictated, and she did not let herself be intimidated. In addition, she was never affected by insults or how people saw her or what they thought of her. She was sure of herself from the first moment and never let anyone trample her. She showed everyone and herself that she could.

Seeing her obtain what, in justice, has always been hers, was tremendously exciting.  She was always a warrior, always. But nobody had ever officially recognized it … until now. And it is Jamie’s hand that gives her that honor, the same Jamie who despised her, like everyone else, when he met her and then, when he really got to know her, respected her and admired her (and loved her too), so much so that, for him, it was a tremendous honor to name her a warrior and he feels really proud to be at her orders.  He values ​​her. It is poetic justice, Jamie is, in part, the reflection of all those who despised her and have learned from their mistakes and, finally, gives her what has always belonged to her.


Of course, the knighting scene, as well as the scene at the beginning with Brienne vouching for Jaime, says a lot about how far these two have come. Share your Braime feels with us. Do you think these two have a chance at a happy ending?

Lizzie: I’m going to start at the end, and the end is that I’m too afraid to hope, but boy, do I want them to get a chance to retire on Tarth and repopulate Westeros. Jamie deserves a chance to be a father, and Brienne deserves a man by her side who really and truly sees her, and appreciates her. But I feel like that’s too much to hope on Game of Thrones, like I’ve been prepared for my heart to be broken since the beginning of the show, and like this next episode is where it happens.

Even if it does, though, I think Braime is the kind of ship that sticks with you. It’s amazing how far these two have come, how much they’ve made each other better, how much they compliment each other, and how much they’ve subverted stereotypes by just being, well, themselves.

McKenzie: I wish it with all my heart, I really do. Then my realistic Game of Thrones voice of reason pops into my head and warns me not to get attached. One, if not both, are going to die in the next episode or by the end of the season.  The fangirl in me however is so happy. This episode brought so. many. feels. The way that she stood up for Jaime when it was clear that he wasn’t going to say anything more in his own defense. Then the way he gave Brienne something she has always wanted, knighthood, even though she is a girl.  Ugh. It was just such a good hour and I was sad to see it end.

Ashley: You’d like me to share my feelings about Jaime and Brienne? Please block off the next four hours so I can explain to you the intricacies, nuances, parallel character arcs, and inverted Beauty and the Beast arc these two idiots in love share. They are my OTP to end all OTPs. When my best friend got me to start the books ~2006, she blew me away when she told me Jaime was her favorite character and that he and Brienne were going to end up together. Enemies to lovers is my least favorite shipping trope, but Jaime grew on me. I don’t know what changed in my head, but about 2 years ago something clicked and it was like I was washed asunder in a floodgate of feels. I haven’t been able to contain myself since.

The most frequent conversation I’ve had surrounding this episode is that so many people think that Brienne’s character arc is now complete because she was knighted. ABSOLUTELY NOT. This thinking completely ignores the inverted Beauty and the Beast arc she and Jaime share. It also ignores something that I think the show could’ve done a better job of highlighting. Brienne was very much like a young Sansa growing up–romantic and idealistic–but was told that world was closed off to her because of her appearance. Being a knight is only a piece of Brienne’s arc. Gwen has said in many interviews leading up to this season that we will get to know Brienne the woman, not just Brienne the warrior in this final chapter of the series. I will be absurdly optimistic and tell you that Brienne and Jaime will be the sweet part of the bittersweet ending George keeps talking about. Married. 10 beautiful tall blond warrior children with emerald and sapphire eyes. The Lannisters of Tarth. If I’m completely wrong…well…I figure I’ve got a 50/50 shot with the books.

Gillian: I hate that I think everyone is going to die! I want them to have a happy ending. So much. The groundwork has always been there and I think she brings out the best of Jaime. And he pushes her. All of my favorite things in fictional relationships! Sadly, since I do think everyone will die, I will be happy with a kiss but the knighting scene was pretty damn close to a sex scene and I could be okay with that being it.

Michelle: I hope that they’ll be at peace with themselves, and each other. I have a sad feeling about their future, but I hope that it doesn’t come into fruition. Their relationship is a genuine one, and one that I admire out of all the relationships in Westeros. The both compliment each other, and allow each other to grow. They are both better versions of themselves when they’re around each other, and their eye locks? ALL THE FEELS.

Naomi: I have quietly hoped for this relationship to blossom from very early on. Jaime’s relationship with Cersei and his penchant for cutting words made it hard to see how Bramie could ever be. Brienne deserves someone who will worship the ground she walks on not walk all over her. The Jaime from early on was not the one! But, oh what hard times can do to people.

It’s usually women who have to realize their self-worth, but I think Jaime is the one who didn’t think he deserved to be seen as more than the Golden Lion or Kingslayer- until he met Brienne. She allowed him to be vulnerable without judging him and pushed him to re-examine what it means to be truly be loyal. To truly be a knight. Brienne’s quest to be a knight was supported by Jaime even before he actually knighted her. He gave her armor, a sword and a mission, but most of all he believed she was worthy.

How can you not root for the couple that makes each other better?

Raquel: I ship them very much! I will not deny that I also like Brienne with Tormund (I can’t help it, he is adorable) but with Jamie she has a special relationship because they were born enemies and he never thought that he could see, really see someone like Brienne. But he not only noticed her, but admires her, respects her … and fell in love with her completely. It is that perfect dream within an imperfect reality.  Brienne had a lot to do with Jamie’s change and redemption, it was something unexpected for both of them. For him, above all. But it’s perfect, they just fit. There is magic between them and true love, it is not the passion and sickly attraction that he feels towards Cersei, it is something more, much more … Jamie would be able to die only for her and I really hope that they have a happy ending, my babies deserve it.


Jon came clean with Daenerys – he is Aegon Targaryen, and her reaction was anything but pleased. How do you think this plays out? Is it a misdirect or will Daenerys turn on Jon if they survive what’s coming?

Lizzie: It’s just too obvious, and honestly, what did we expect? She’s been told all her life she is the last Targaryen, did we expect her to just be like yay, the thing I have been fighting for all this time isn’t even mine to claim, I’m so relieved? Come on. She’s got a right to react badly, and I don’t actually think she’s going to turn on Jon, because that would be the least surprising thing in a show that usually loves its surprises.

McKenzie: Honestly, I think it was misdirect and/or shock. She just found out that the person she is in love with has the potential to take everything she has ever wanted from her.  My initial reaction would be anger as well. However, we didn’t get to see them talk more before the dead announced their arrival. I really believe that Dany and Jon will be fine once they talk and she realizes that he doesn’t want the Iron Throne. She has nothing to worry about. It’s not in his nature to go back on his word and he pledged himself to her.  He swore her an oath and he will uphold it. If they survive that is.

Now, I’m not really happy with the writers portrayal of Dany the last two episodes. She has been coming across as a bitch that doesn’t want to give her power away. Everyone in the North, sans Jon, is only seeing her as a conqueror coming to take away their lands.  That is not what she is doing at all. She is there to help them but they are too stubborn and petty to have a conversation with her to see that she is different.

Let’s play devil’s advocate on behalf of Dany, I’m a little salty with everyone.  What have they given Dany? Nothing. They swore her no promises to help her win the throne, only Jon did.  They don’t have to go help her. She literally gave up everything she has ever wanted to help them defeat their enemy. She could die, he people, her dragons, her people, all the things that mean the most to her.  She chose to set aside her path and fight with them for them. She hasn’t even gotten a thank you. I don’t think that is too much to ask for. I’m not discounting things that she has done wrong, far from it. But she isn’t the mad woman they are portraying her to be.

Ashley: Oh Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen, you sweet dumb boy. Why did you do that before the battle?? I think what was most telling about this interaction was that earlier in her conversation with Sansa, Dany went on and on about how much she trusts Jon and how he’s honest and good. Dany doesn’t stop here to say, “Oh snap, I’ve been banging my nephew!” It’s suddenly, “Oh snap, he says he’s got a better claim than me!” and immediately accuses him of lying. It felt shady. I’m not certain that she won’t try something in the battle. I think this is also the foreshadowing of The Dance of the Dragons we got from Shireen in season 5. No matter which way you slice it, next episode is going to be a bloodbath.

Gillian: I don’t really know what’s going on with Dany. I haven’t liked her much for a little bit and the past two episodes haven’t changed my opinion of her. I actually do think she’ll turn on him. This might actually be what causes her madness. I don’t think Jon actually wants the throne but she’s been pretty unstable, especially since the arrival to Winterfell. I also don’t really think they love each other as much as they keep telling others so it could be interesting to see the power dynamic evolve from here.

Michelle: I honestly don’t know. We’ve seen Dany struggle so much, probably more than a lot of the main characters, and I always want to root for her. But there is something about Jon that warrants your loyalty as a viewer. In a happy world, they will compromise and rule together. This show has a lot of circular moments, where history repeats itself. And maybe the drive to sit on the throne, by herself, is what will bring her closer to her father. But as Tyrion says, Dany is different. And I hope that at the moment that the North needs it most, she will earn the loyalty of the North and give Jon the throne.

Naomi: If they make Dany the “Mad Queen” that will be sooooo lazy. Her initial reaction to Jon was understandable because incest in her family occurred between siblings;having a relationship with her nephew probably isn’t the most disturbing thing- not more disturbing than losing The Iron Throne. (I wonder what Jon thinks because low-key he didn’t say anything about smashing his aunt either.)

I think the tyrant Dany theory might be a misdirect because when Jon avoids Dany, she is visibly hurt and unsettled by it which means the love she feels for him is real. The idea of losing him won’t be easy for her. The writers made it a point to let the ‘L’ word slip from her mouth in front of Sansa and to explain how she dropped everything she was fighting for to follow Jon because of her feelings. That makes me think they will come to some conclusion that doesn’t include killing one another. Then again, “I know nothing.”

Raquel: I understand Dany … I don’t like the answer she gave him, I want them to reign together, because I think they complement each other. Jon appeases that cruelty that Dany sometimes has in her, and she knows much better the power games and the sacrifices that have to be made to earn and keep it, which is something Jon needs to know if he wants to reign in Westeros. However, I totally understand Dany.

She was born and raised to be a queen. It is what she has always been. Every decision in her life, every death, every life, every sacrifice … everything was done with the aim of reigning in Westeros, because that is what she was, a queen, what she has always been. Dany has not been anything else, has not explored what she could or would want to be in addition to queen, because there was no other option. Being a queen is who she was, without more. Now, with the truth of Jon’s origin, not only has his life changed completely, but hers too. Dany has just learned that, in reality, she is not a queen of anything and in her head she keeps repeating the same question, if she is not a queen, who is she? She doesn’t know. Being a queen has been her whole life and now, suddenly, she realizes that her whole life has been a lie, that everything was for nothing. She is lost and confused … broken inside.

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Arya and Gendry had a lot of setup, and in this episode, they finally came together. Did you enjoy their scenes? Do you think it was earned? Do these two have a chance at a happy ending?

Lizzie: They set up this ship in season 2, people just seem to be having some memory issues. But above that, I appreciated this scene because it was like a master class in consent, on a show that has shown so many women violated. This is what a woman making a decision for herself is like, and that’s a powerful and good message to send. So yes, it was earned, and yes, it was powerful and good and now they’re going to destroy us, right? Gendry seems like the character who is SURE to die next episode. *sighs* I just want SOME happiness, Game of Thrones. SOME.

McKenzie: YES. YES. YES. It was everything I knew I wanted and thought I would never get.  I figured we would get a kiss, maybe, by the end of the season if we were lucky. I didn’t expect it in episode two let alone them having sex. I was shocked for a good three minutes. This was earned by the two of them. They have fought for every inch of what they have. They both deserve all the happiness in the world and curse whoever takes it from them. I also refuse to accept anything but a happy ending.  If I don’t get one I will simply disregard what happens and rewrite the ending in my head.

Ashley: Arya and Gendry aren’t my ship, but I did think the set up was nice. Lots of call backs to season 2 and 3 for them. I wasn’t a huge fan of the execution though. I was expecting at least a kiss and maybe a fade to black. I was not expecting all of THAT! To be honest, it was a little weird for me because I guess I still think of Arya as being very young, likely because of my book bias where she is much younger and also for having watched Maisie Williams grow up on screen. I am curious to see what becomes of the two of them. I’m hoping for the best!

Gillian: Oh hell yes! She went for it! She knew what she wanted and got some! Go girl! It was definitely earned though I wish Gendry had been in more of the show than we got. I like him but he’s not a well-rounded as other characters? It’s fine though. Everyone’s gonna die, ha. Again, I would love everyone to have a happy ending but it’s not likely and we at least got a hott sex scene so yay!

Michelle: I had to watch this episode a few times in order to piece together my emotions. I am very torn about this scene, what it means for Arya, and how it was all represented. Because I’ve read the books, I’ve known Arya in a different way and apart from the show. Seeing Arya on the show, I’ve come to appreciate her. I don’t know if I enjoyed the scene, but I didn’t hate it nor did I like it. There were two references that symbolize you’re not yet a full person, one was Bran, and then this scene with Arya. (So many thoughts on that.) Was it a necessary scene for the episode? I don’t know, but possibly. Arya owns the scene, sure of her own decision and her own inhibitions. It shows that she isn’t in anyone shadows nor is she a princess in waiting. It shows her strength and her sexual awareness. And that, I appreciated. And I don’t think these two will have a happy ending. I don’t think that Arya will die next episode, but I don’t have much hope for Gendry.

Naomi: It was very enjoyable because the set up was there. Arya had feelings for Gendry from day one. She was heartbroken when he left with the Brotherhood instead of staying with her.

Their scenes together were entertaining as hell. It was really funny to watch Gendry be simultaneously turned on and terrified at the same time.

Arya asked the questions she needed to ask and went for it. It was also nice because it showed how a sex scene can be sexy and fulfilling for the audience without being gratuitous or pornographic.

Now about them living happily ever after- it would be nice. These two ruling together would be a satisfying ending- not just for fans but for Ned and Robert too. That’s precisely why I don’t think they’ll give it to us.

Raquel: I enjoyed their scenes very much! Finally my little ones had their moment.  It is precious that in the possible last night of their lives they only wanted to merge into the other, to say physically what they have not said (yet) with words, and the fact that Arya has decided to lose her virginity on her own terms, really, I applaud them for shown something like this, after so many violations, it was time to show a decision like this, showing that women decide, we don’t have to let ourselves go, we decide when and with whom. Gendry’s gaze to Arya, the way he looks at her scars … he feels her pain like his own, his heart aches for her, he looks at her as if he wanted to erase all her pain with his love. Unfortunately, I don’t think they have a happy ending … I think Gendry will die in the battle against the dead. I hope I’m wrong.


Pick your episode MVP.

Lizzie: Brienne, without a doubt. This was, finally, FINALLY, her moment to shine, and I’m so glad people are finally seeing her.

McKenzie: Brienne. This was her episode and she deserves everything she has gotten and more.

Ashley: Brienne. Ser Brienne of Tarth, Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Not just for her knighting, but for Gwendoline Christie’s spectacular performance. Watch her face and body language in all her scenes. That tells you more than just her dialogue. Gwen is so underrated. Give the woman an Emmy for Pete’s sake!

Gillian: Oh, for sure, Brienne! She is finally a knight! What she’s always wanted and it meant so much that Jaime knighted her. My heart.

Michelle: Hands down, Ser Brienne of Tarth, Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

Naomi: Jaime is my choice for MVP. Brienne has always been a knight by all measures that matter. She just needed the title. Jaime reemerged as a knight by showing up at Winterfell and doing something meaningful for another person. (Side bar-When he walked away from Tyrion mid-sentence to gaze at her, my heart just melted.)

Raquel: Brienne. Finally she was valued as she deserves, finally they gave her what was she deserves and they recognized everything she is. I’m with Tormund, fuck the traditions! Those retrograde “traditions” that tried to cut off Brienne’s wings (and as many as her) must disappear completely.

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The big plan to get the Night King seems to be a vague: Wait for him to come for Bran and hope. How do you think this plays out? Is Bran the Night King?

Lizzie: Badly, actually. I don’t think they can or will kill the Night King in episode 3, so I don’t see any way for this to go other than them losing and a few survivors having to run the fuck away to the Iron Islands to take refuge. And no, I don’t think Bran is the Night King, but he’s obviously the key nonetheless.

McKenzie: When do their plans ever go how they think it will play out? It seems too simple for the Night King to go to Bran in the Gods Wood. Also, why would they want a potential huge epic battle that close to Winterfell? It’s literally inside the grounds, at least take it outside the main gates in case you have to use dragonfire. Bran is not the Night King. A long dead Stark from around Bran the Builder’s time maybe, but not Bran himself warged into him.  

Ashley: I’m honestly not sure what to expect. I doubt seriously that things will go according to plan. Several of my friends have pointed out that the Night King is no where in the line up of his lieutenants that we see at the end of the episode. We also don’t see him, the ice dragon, or even hear a dragon screech in the trailer for next week’s episode. Either he’s going to do a crazy swoop in from behind or he’s not there. If he’s not there, where is he? None of the theories I’ve read so far are particularly satisfying to me, so I’m just waiting to see what happens. And Bran is definitely NOT the Night King.

Gillian: I don’t think Bran is the Night King but I very well could be wrong. And yeah, like McKenzie said, no one has ever had a successful plan on this show! Mostly, this appears to be a big distraction as the crypts are where the action is really going to be. Like, way too much focus on how “safe” the crypts are in this episode to ignore.

Michelle: I think Bran is the Night King. For me, the scene where they talk about the Night King’s reason for seeking Bran – forgetting the past. I’ve said it before that I think Bran does something , similar to what he did with Hodor, that alters the timeline. In in doing so, Bran becomes the Night King. I think that Bran will be safe next episode, and I think the baiting will fail. I don’t think that Bran will die, but I think he will be taken.

Naomi: I honestly have no idea. I can’t figure the Bran, Night King thing out at all. I am in a total wait and see mode.

Raquel: I don’t think Bran is the King of the Night, he hurt him and he looks for Bran to kill him and it doesn’t matter to me that all this is being done Bran himself. I also think that many surprises await us about this in the next episode and I can’t wait to see it.


The big battle is coming: Place your bets on who, for sure, makes it out of the next episode. Name at least 5 people.

Lizzie: Daenerys, Jon, Sansa, Arya and Tyrion. I’m not sure about anyone else.

McKenzie: Dany, Sansa, Jon, Arya, and Tyrion. There are too many loose ends to tie up if they don’t and I would be disappointed if they weren’t explored further before they are killed off.  

Ashley: Brienne, Jaime, Sansa, Tyrion, and Sam. I am most confident about Brienne and Jaime and am not 100% positive about anyone else. I think no matter who people guess, EVERYONE will be surprised.

Gillian: Sansa, Tyrion, Jon, Brienne, and Dany. I feel like Dany and Jon will make it at least to the final episode. And I want Sansa on the throne!

Michelle: Jon, Dany, Bran, Sansa, Jaime. There are so many endgame scenarios that have to come into play. I agree with McKenzie and Gillian. There are certain characters that are saved by the plot forcefield. (I also want Sansa on the throne!)

Naomi: Jon, Dany, Sansa, Jaime, Brienne, Tyrion- I don’t know!!. Trying to figure this shit out is mind numbing! But I love it!

Raquel: I think that the ones that are going to come out alive from that bloody battle are: Jon, Sansa, Tyrion, Bran, Jamie, Arya and Brienne. I leave Dany as a big doubt because I see two possibilities with her: live to the end and reign in Westeros with Jon, or die by Jon’s hands.

Agree? Disagree? Share with us in the comments below!

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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