‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×08 Review: “… hooked up with my boyfriend”

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‘A League of Their Own’ 1×07 Review: “Full Count”

The last episode of A League of Their Own was intense and jarring. Its ramification carry into “Full Count,” the penultimate episode of the season. And to be fair, that’s not all bad. Certainly not for Max, who finally –…

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×07 Review: “… cheated”

We’re at the point in #NeverHaveIEver where all the characters are growing and challenging themselves & we’re living for it.

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It isn’t often that I want to start a review with just a colorful and inventive string of expletives. Especially an episode of a show like A League of Their Own that I loved. But here we are. As it…

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×06 Review: “… had a breakdown”

We always love an episode that we get to learn more about other characters, because that means another narrator and we love all the #NHIE narrators

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‘Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities’ Finally Has A Release Date

An extra reason to look forward to spooky season this year: Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities is coming to Netflix.

‘A League of Their Own’ 1×05 Review: “Back Footed”

“Back Footed” is a strange episode of A League of Their Own in which absolutely nobody is having a good time. They’re not having a good time for good reasons. But whether on the field or the back seat of…

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×05 Review: “… been ghosted”

Eleanor’s advice is well, questionable, but always entertaining. Devi needs to stop following the advice and believe in herself

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‘A League of Their Own’ 1×04 Review: “Switch Hitter”

Things really start heating up in the fourth episode of A League of Their Own. Not just romantically but on the field, as well. Some characters may finally be coming into their own. Even if they don’t realize it and…

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×04 Review: “…made someone jealous”

Getting over a breakup is hard. Moving on is hard. Seeing the person you were with, with someone else is hard. Devi is experiencing it all.

Sofia Carson Defends ‘Purple Hearts’

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‘Evil’ 3×10 Review: “The Demon of The End”

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‘A League of Their Own’ 1×03 Review: “The Cut Off”

If the world isn’t going to take you seriously or give you a chance, sometimes you just have to carve out your own destiny. In the third episode of A League of Their Own, Max and the Rockford Peaches do…

‘The Sandman’ 1×10 Review: “Lost Hearts”

The tenth episode of The Sandman, “Lost Hearts,” is a satisfying conclusion to the first season. It focuses on families of all kinds. (With their various dysfunctions, though some have more than most.) It also explores the connection between dreams…

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×03: “… had a valentine”

Relationships are difficult enough, but when you’re in high school, everything is heightened. Feelings are so brand new that they over take everything. Yet, even when you get older, feelings stay with you. It doesn’t get easier. Do you remember…

‘Surfside Girls’ Releases New Pics and We Can’t Wait For More!

Surfside Girls is a show where adventures and friendship intertwine in the best way ever! Apple TV + revealed the first promotional photos.