So, here we are. This journey, is complete, and it’s time for another one. Except, the next one will not be the same.  It never could. Lyra isn’t the same person who started on this path, Will isn’t the same boy we met. They’ve both been forced to grow up.Read More →


We have reached the conclusion of the Catherine the Great miniseries on HBO. I was left feeling a lot of similar things from the last three weeks, so let’s just get started with this weeks episode. THE END I am so happy that this series is over. I started off so hopefulRead More →

Another week. Another episode of Catherine the Great miniseries. This week’s episode was just about utter disappointment for me.  Except for production. I will continually sing their praises. Anyway, let’s address said reason’s for my disappointment. History This miniseries is a historical drama. I have seen the drama part of that phrase,Read More →

HBO has a new four part miniseries about Catherine II called, Catherine the Great. I love historical dramas, and I obviously love television or else I wouldn’t be writing this. I couldn’t wait for it to premiere as the trailer looked intriguing. Without further ado, let’s break down my impression ofRead More →

This week’s episode, “The Next Episode”, has blown me away. Euphoria keeps on taking things to the next level and I thought this week did a very good job covering a wide range of issues. Though it seems like that is always the case with this series. Let’s get started. No JudgementRead More →

I wish I could always talk about light-hearted moments when writing about Euphoria. However, to me, this series just gives us many relevant issues that I feel like need to be touched on more than just bringing fun all the time.  As Rue stated in this episode, life is notRead More →

Twin brothers Tristan and Tyler Timmons currently star as Troy and Roy on HBO’s hit show Euphoria. You might also remember them as the lead kids on the basketball court in Marvel’s Black Panther. And in case you don’t know them from that, hey also have a Youtube channel, Trvp Twinz, withRead More →

Are you shocked? We aren’t, and you shouldn’t be either. Euphoria has just been renewed for a second season at HBO!!! Just writing that sentence brings me so much joy. If you have been living under a rock and have yet to watch the magic that is Euphoria, I urge you toRead More →

The word I am dedicating to this episode is shook.  The title of the episode is called “Shook One Pt. II,” and it certainly shook a lot of things loose this week. Let’s jump in, shall we? Jules Let’s just go ahead and jump right in with Jules. We coveredRead More →

“Made You Look” was a great title for this week’s episode of Euphoria. I didn’t look away once.  It’s not often that I watch a series that has me so completely drawn in like this has.  This week’s episode wasn’t low on drama or revelations, as per usual. Let’s talk aboutRead More →

There’s a moment in episode 2 of Chernobyl, “Please Remain Calm,” where Ulana Khomyuk (Emily Watson) pleads with a Soviet official to listen to her. The fallout from Chernobyl is dangerous and it’s spreading, she says. People need to be evacuated. “I prefer my opinion to yours,” is his response. Read More →

This week’s episode of Euphoria was just scratching the surface of everyday teenage lives. In this week’s review we cover Rue, teenager manipulation and Nate’s disgusting behavior towards women. Let’s break down this week’s episode. Rue Let’s start with Rue.  I felt her anxiety up on that stage as she wasRead More →

Well friends, it’s here.  The pilot episode of Euphoria premiered last night, and they did not hold back at all. Let’s jump in and talk about the pilot episode: First Impression Here is my honest first impression. It was really good. This series is going good and it’s going to beRead More →

While summer is usually full of reruns and next to nothing on TV, there is a new series that we can get excited about! HBO’s Euphoria is based on teenager stories, following them as they go through life experiencing different struggles. Let’s talk about what excites us in this newRead More →