The ‘Chicago Fire’ Fandom is Obsessed with Hawkami, and Honestly, SAME

The entire Chicago Fire fandom is now obsessed with Hawkami, and we only have one thing to say about that: SAME.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×12 Review: “Show of Force”

Chicago Fire 10×12 “Show of Force” gave us not just the Stella Kidd we wanted — and deserved, but the Stellaride too.

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×13 Preview: “Family”

The pictures for New Amsterdam 4×13 “Family” wouldn’t be as worrying if we hadn’t watched the trailer. But we did.

‘Ordinary Joe’ 1×12: “Whiteout”

#OrdinaryJoe has had an up and down season, but this episode definitely was up. Each version of Joe made us think about choices and how they shape us.

‘Chicago Med’ 7×12 Preview: “What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You”

Chicago Med 7×12 “What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You” looks like it’s coming for our hearts, and we are not prepared for the onslaught.

One Chicago Ships Check – In: January 12

There’s a lot we love about One Chicago shows beyond ships but we can’t live without ships! We’re going to analyze their progress.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×12 Preview: “To Protect”

Chicago P.D. 9×12 “To Protect” is about Voight but also, hopefully, about the new team dynamics.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×11 Review: “Lies”

Chicago P.D. 9×11 “Lies” is about Kevin Atwater, the lies he tells — to himself, and to others and how those come back to bite him.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×11 Review: “Fog of War”

Chicago Fire 10×11 goes deep into the Stellaride issues, even as the Pelham drama continues to take center stage.

‘Ordinary Joe’ 1×11 Review: “Calling An Audible”

#OrdinaryJoe reminded us why this show is so beautiful, important, and how we need to think about our actions. Lets talk…

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×12 Review: “The Crossover”

New Amsterdam’s 4×12 “The Crossover” sees Max crossing a line and the res of the team fighting for their patients. Read our review!

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×12 Preview: “The Crossover”

New Amsterdam 4×12 “The Crossover” airs tonight, and let’s just hope it has more Helen and Max than the pictures show.

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×11 Review: “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution”

New Amsterdam 4×11 “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution” finally answers the question about London we’ve had all along: HOW.

‘Ordinary Joe’ 1×10 Review: “Snow Globe”

For the first time, we had an issue with #OrdinaryJoe because we felt as though the emotion that this episode could have given us fell flat.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×10 Preview: “Back with A Bang”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 10×10 “Back with A Bang” show us absolutely nothing, but it’s all good, because Stella Kidd is back.

Fangirlish 2021 End Of Year Lists: Ships We Want To See Set Sail In 2022

For our final list of the year, we look ahead to 2022 and all the ships that yet may be. There are several ships we hope to see set sail. Some are new and almost certain. Others have left fans…

‘This Is Us’ Cast Looks Back At The Show As They Approach Their Last Season

As the last season of #ThisIsUs approaches, we’re not sure we’re ready to say goodbye. We ❤️ this video of the cast talking about the show!

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×11 Advance Review: “Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution”

New Amsterdam 4×11 “Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution” is the type of episode of television we’ve come to expect from this medical drama. In just a few words, it’s very, very good. More importantly, though, it finally answers—or at least begins…

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×11 Preview: “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution”

New Amsterdam 4×11 “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution” already looks like our favorite episode, and we haven’t even watched it.

Our Law & Order Gift Guide for 2021

Fans of the Law & Order franchise may have already gotten the best gift of all in 2021, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for holiday shopping. We’re all set to take the stress out of it for…

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ 2×09 Review: “The Christmas Episode”

Law & Order: Organized Crime 2×09 “The Christmas Episode,” as the second half of the series’ most recent crossover with SVU, had a pretty stellar act to follow. With the deeply personal story of Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) trying desperately…