I’m not going to lie, the beginning….no, 90% of this season finale for Bluff City Law was on point. We had our dream team fighting the good fight, and making people’s lives better. We even had a couple tense moments where we thought everything was going to go wrong forRead More →


It’s almost fall finale time and the show is gearing us up for the Pearson’s Thanksgiving. They’re throwing a lot of emotional beats at us and I have to admit that I’m a bit worried. Let’s dive into this week’s episode and unpack all the Pearson drama. Human Wrecking BallRead More →

From that Sydney/Robbie hug to Elijah Strait confronting his past, here are 5 moments we can’t stop thinking about from Bluff City Law‘s “Need to Know.” Beware, family feels make an appearance when it comes to Sydney & Emerson or Della and her son and we regret nothing! 1. SydneyRead More →

Every aspect of New Amsterdam is only getting better and better, particularly the DamFam in season two of the NBC medical drama. Social media has affectionately dubbed the cast, crew, and fanbase of the show the “DamFam” as a sign of love and unity. But what makes the DamFam soRead More →

This episode reminded me why this show is so great with their reveals. You always think it’s going to go one way and it never does. Let’s jump to it because I’m super late posting this week. Learning to play the game Although a lot happened in this episode, thisRead More →

Bluff City Law took on a case that divided me, friends, and the characters themselves in “The All-American.” Like they do every week, they pushed on and ended up in territory where they changed everyone’s life for the better. Also Della, my badass mama, deserved better than a son makingRead More →

Yes, we’re still here. Even after the devastating news that NBC has opted not to order more episodes of Bluff City Law (even though they’d already ordered the scripts) and the season will end with 10 episodes, we’re still here. Because we love this show, and we very much appreciateRead More →

In the premiere, the writers caught us up and set the stage for the rest of the season. The second episode, “The Big Picture”, brought us into the present and back to what makes New Amsterdam so good. We’re starting to see how Max is dealing (or not dealing) withRead More →

Guys, I love this show. I really, really love this show. Especially in the moments where there’s call backs to past episodes. Let’s just jump right in because I’m overflowing with emotions. PTSD is no joke but laughter is the best medicine The first time we saw Nicky this season,Read More →

This episode had an interesting title because season one’s “The Pool” is still one of my absolute favorite episodes ever. Although this one did not rank quite as high, there were still plenty of memorable Pearson moments worth talking about. I was totally Madison watching this episode. I swear thatRead More →