It seems a lie but this year is ending and with it, the decade. We’re in that perfect time of year to review what they have given of these 12 months. On this occasion, from Fangirlish, we want to review the quotes that inspired us in 2019. Here we go!Read More →


We blindspotters are in luck! BLINDSPOT HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR A FIFTH AND FINAL SEASON! YAAAS! It was what I wanted most. We have to celebrate it as it deserves so, what the hell are we waiting for? Once we have calmed down – a little, at least – it’sRead More →

It’s strange that a Saturday arrives and I don’t write a Blindspot’s review. But that will not be possible at a time, in a longer time than we all expected. Yesterday, we learned that NBC took Blindspot out of their schedule without an explanation, without a new return date … theyRead More →

Hellatus is over! Tonight we can enjoy the premiere of Blindspot’s season 4. So you don’t miss anything, we bring you a compilation of all the things t the cast said about season four at NYCC last week. Also … we have NEW TRAILER! Here we go! Jaimie and SullivanRead More →

Today is the day, blindspotters! Today our favorite series returns and to get you even more excited, here are the latest news from Blindspot. Among them we include the titles of the next episodes, the synopsis of the episode 4×04, the sneak peeks for the premiere and some information ofRead More →

I know I’ve been gushing about this show for the past three weeks, but it’s all worth it because NBC has ordered a full season of New Amsterdam. That means more Helen Sharpe chemistry moments with Max Goodwin while I pretend to root for his marriage. And, it means soRead More →

Good news, Blindspotters! Season 4 is approaching and, although we already have the first official images of the premiere, here is the synopsis. In addition, we have new information about Tasha and Reade. Here we go! SYNOPSIS “BLINDSPOT” “HELLA DUPLICITOUS” 10/12/2018 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Friday) : SEASON PREMIERE – TheRead More →

The new season of TV is coming! And, with it, season four of our favorite show is very close. After a summer of drought, lately – and we give thanks for that – they keep coming out with Blindspot news and here we have a compilation of all of them. ThereRead More →

With the passing of days, the new season of our favorite series is approaching and we already have several news of Blindspot season 4! We have the news of a new cast that joins the team and also some interesting spoilers about episode 4×02. Here we go! Thanks to TvLineRead More →

YES! This isn’t a simulation, Blindspotters! BLINDSPOT HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR SEASON 4! Everyone scream: YEAHHH! HAPPY DANCE! SOURCE Once my emotions have calmed down a bit, it’s time to confess why I’m so happy. I firmly believed that this series deserved a new season so that it would captivateRead More →

Will the team need science help with Jane’s tattoos soon? It seems like it. Thanks to EW we know that Bill Nye – the renowned science educator – is going to appear on an episode of Blindspot but, as it usually happens in this show, there is much more inRead More →

With 1D on a hiatus for an undisclosed amount of time, this means that news on their comings, goings, and overall doings are hit and miss. While all 4 lads are recording, touring, and performing, they are always up to something, but news wise…it makes for a little mish-mash ofRead More →