6 Favorite Moments from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Casecation”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Casecation” gave us the #Peraltiago we have been needing for agessssss. Yes, a huge part of it was a devastating back and forth where the possibility of having children seemed like the dividing factor for our fav ship. But they took their time, listened to each other, and came to understand why Jake feared being a parent so much. And the fact that they came out of this together, means they are stronger than ANYONE has anticipated them to be. Wouldn’t expect anything less from these two!

Let’s dive into our favorite moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Casecation”!

1. Throwback to killer butts.


Leave it to Jake to make an emotional moment even more FEELS inducing by just being classic #Peraltiago! This butt reminder at the one year anniversary of their marriage just shows that even though Jake and Amy are stepping into new and uncharted territory, they remain committed to each other. Sure, there were some bumps in “Casecation.” Kids are a big deal, believe it or not. But they took their time, listened to each others concerns, and came out stronger for it!



I’M NOT CRYING. THERE’S JUST A LEAK ABOVE ME OR MY FACE IS SWEATING! Jake Peralta knew that his lobster Amy Santiago would be cold. So being the best husband ever he found a pair of her socks, put them on her gently enough not to wake her up, and went to bed like nothing. He wasn’t looking for any brownie points or thank yous. He anticipated his wife’s needs and made sure she was snuggly warm against the cold of the night. Wish all OTP’s were like this one!

3. That “Casecation” song we’ll never be able to get out of our heads!


Thank you Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Now I’ll never get this out of my head! I thought the Go-Go’s version was a banger and here you come changing the game and face of a classic. It’s daring, weird as hell, and the kind of thing Jake would totally do and that Amy would absolutely positively love/like/admire/want to jump his bones for the cheesy dedication they have for each other.

4. Everyone knowing about Jake’s daddy issues & love for Holt.

The lack of hesitation when confirming that Holt is seen as a father figure to Jake Peralta was ridiculous but in the best possible way. Jake loves the Captain and everyone knows how much. Yes, daddy issues that he’d rather not talk about are tied to all of this but I love that a man has no problem expressing that he cares for another. No tip toeing or pretending that the love isn’t there. It is.

Also, this thing that was holding back Jake from wanting kids wasn’t drama for drama’s sake. It’s real and the daddy issues don’t go away with the wave of a Captain Holt shaped wand. Do I wish Jake and Amy would’ve talked about it before tying the knot? Yes, I do. But sometimes you assume that your loved one wants the same things in life that you do because you’re getting married and you wouldn’t be getting married with someone that doesn’t know your every want and need right? Wrong. The words have to be spoken, especially with something this big.

5. Holt acting as mediator between Jake and Amy.

I love that when precise shit is needed Captain Holt is but a phone call away. And when his personal relationships might make him unqualified he has Kevin there to back him up. Which, we’ve all missed Kevin dearly and hope he’s back from The Good Place and soon! Back to Holt and all his precision. For all his seriousness, Holt loves Jake and Amy and sees helping them as the right thing to do. After all, that’s what you do for family; have their back, especially when ridiculous/serious/fun situations like this arise.

6. That Rosa Diaz take down!


Yes, I’d like to watch this gif on a loop for the rest of my life. I’d also like to send this gif to Thanos but put his face on the perps body with the message, “You’re next.” Now that will make Thanos shake in his farming boots or whatever the hell he’s wearing while pretending like he did the universe a favor. Sorry, you didn’t and if Rosa was around there would be ass kicking like this coming your way ASAP.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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