Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “Lights Out” felt like a gift to Peraltiago fans. From start to finish, this was an ultimate test of their love, commitment, and bond with each other and that of the Nine-Nine. And I think they did more than brilliantly. They blew it out of the water andRead More →


Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “Trying” saw the show giving us all the Peraltiago they can possibly give us in one episode. And it was beautiful, satisfying, and the start of a special journey for them that will change their lives forever. On the subplot front we had Holt learning a lesson andRead More →

Ships. In entertainment, and especially, in fandom, we live and die by them. Which is why every Friday, we’ll be focusing on a couple, analyzing why we ship them, and overall, just proclaiming our eternal love for those couples that make us say: I will go down with this ship;Read More →

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is gearing up for an amazing premiere on their new home of NBC with these first look photos and a sneak peek video of what’s to come! Without giving too much away of this toit premiere, let’s point some things in these photos. Season 6 is going toRead More →