‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season Premiere Review: “Manhunter” & “Captain Kim”

The Nine-Nine is back in a two episode season premiere that gave us all the feels and laughs in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Manhunter” and “Captain Kim.” In fact, the 2 episode premiere was so good that we got some of the best #Peraltiago we’ve had in the entirety of the show. And we understood Raymond Holt, no longer a Captain, on a deeper level like we’ve never seen before.

Let’s dive into Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Manhunter” and “Captain Kim”!

Amy Being Pregnant

The final scene between Amy and Jake during “Manhunter” gave us heart palpitations and made us grateful for the writing team behind the scenes. No, they didn’t kiss like fans wanted but they did something even more important: they had a conversation about the future. *grabs tissues* These glorious writers, had two grown adults sit down and talk honestly and openly about the possibility of having a kid. 

Amy knew that she could trust Jake. That’s why she was honest and told him that she was a little disappointed that she wasn’t pregnant. And Jake’s response was equally honest. He was also a little disappointed and threw it out there that maybe they could try to have a baby. No waiting, no possible accidents, just calm and collected planning.


Oh, can we talk about the soft looks they were giving each other during this conversation? Amy almost killed me with her earnest, yet kind approach to the conversation. And when Jake talked about possibly having kids, her whole demeanor changed and we melted! Then Jake had to come in, all sweet and bright eyed, ready and willing to back his boo. It was all a masterclass of relationships and we are truly blessed!

We Missed An Opportunity With Captain Kim

Everyone was so focused on proving that Captain Kim was a plant that they missed out on one of the best Captains in New York City. Sure they’ve been burned before. We have to take that into account. But come on, Nine-Nine. You missed an amazing opportunity to have someone kind, considerate, and a true team player. 

A lot of it had to do with Captain Holt’s ego and him thinking that he is above the rule of law or authority. We love him. There’s no doubt about that. But it’s true. He thinks that he doesn’t have to wait or be treated like any other uniformed cop. And it’s insanely frustrating as a viewer and person who loves Holt to the moon and back.

He learned his lesson by the time both episodes ended, each episode helping to ground him a little more in this limbo he finds himself in for the next year or so. But holy hell did it take him some time. And by the end of it all we had Hitchcock and Scully making the televised appearance that belonged to Jake and the Nine-Nine losing a great Captain.

So, here we are. Without a leader to take care of this ship while Holt makes up his time as a uniformed officer. Personally, we think Terry should take up the position with Amy moving up to Sergeant of the Nine-Nine. But that’s just us because we want the Nine-Nine to be in good hands and the best ones are the ones in house.

Other things we loved about “Manhunter” and “Captain Kim”:

  1. Holt admitting to the fact that this is his family was the most long winded yet honest response we’ve ever heard from the man.
  2. Captain Kim wasn’t a people pleaser. She was a woke AF career woman who wanted everyone to do their best. (We seriously can’t believe how attached to her we became in the span of one episode.)
  3. Amy showing off her narc powers was both hilarious and endearing because of how serious she was about everything. 
  4. Hitchcock and Scully’s slow-mo entrance was everything these two heroes deserve.
  5. Get those steps in new patrol woman! And Happy Birthday!
  6. Boyle and his jacket made us see a completely different side of Charles…I mean, Chuck. The jacket will be missed.
  7. We deserved a moment of Rosa taking in Boyle in his badass jacket and being a proud mama.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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