‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×10 Review: “Admiral Peralta”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “Admiral Peralta” saw mature (we know, it caught us by surprise as well) Jake Peralta go for the win when it came to being the best husband, best friend, best son, and best future father. And it’s a testament of how far he’s come as a person that we (and Amy) trust him with our lives and our baby reveals, no matter how crazy they end up being.

So, without further ado, here are our favorite moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “Admiral Peralta.”

1. Peraltiago announcing their pregnancy.

The big pregnancy news didn’t go as planned. (Also, you know that Amy made Jake practice and they had a spreadsheet with all their possible entrances.) It was revealed that everyone kind of knew and they were giving them space until Peraltiago were ready. It was also very clever of them to point out Amy carrying and wearing all these odd things as a means of hiding her pregnancy. That’s what’s done to hide pregnancies from viewers and turning it on its head was better than the reveal itself.

2. Jake going all Bird Box for Amy.

Amy is the apple of Jake’s eye and he’ll pretty much do anything to make sure she’s happy, healthy, and being the adorable dork we all know and love. Him going all Bird Box with his father and grandfather really means something. It means that she comes first in the midst of all this squabbling happening between his family members. It means he knows how to separate, delegate, and get things going because he has a partner that depends on him. And that is why we love this ship so much and continue to support it no matter the waters they may face.

3. Boyle freaking out over Peraltiago baby.

We all knew that Boyle was going to freak out over the Peraltiago baby. He’s been team Peraltiago from the very start and this is part of his endame aka Jake and Amy having biologically superior genius babies that will grow up with his son and take over the world. Him giving himself a minute and then being a complete disaster was 100% Boyle and 100% what I expected from this dedicated weird little man who invests way too much time involved in his friends life. Kudos to the makeup department too. Those tears looked real!

4. Peralta family curse laid to rest.

The maturity level when it came to Jake Peralta in this episode was out of this world! Yes, he was still the loveable dork we know and cherish. But he tried to get his family back together for the family he’s having now. He made hard decisions, asked for help when needed, and came out on top because of it. And you know what, Jake’s dad is right. Jake is going to make an amazing father. He’s already a great husband and we’re proud of what this episode means for what’s to come.

5. Scully and his love for cake being part of the reveal.

One: Never get between a man and his milk. Scully is proof that it doesn’t matter if you’re having a baby. His appetite comes first. Two: I love that our OTP is having a baby. We don’t get to see this kind of happy beginnings often enough because showrunners treat children as the happy endings. And that’s all sorts of messed up. Peraltiago don’t stop living their lives, messing up, and getting back up just because they have kids. If anything, things get more complicated and I can’t wait to see more of everything that’s to come for our OTP!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30 EST on NBC.

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