‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ SDCC Interview: Andy Samberg & Melissa Fumero Talk Peraltiago


We got a chance to speak with Andy Samberg (Jake Peralta) and Melissa Fumero (Amy Santiago) at San Diego Comic Con about the future of Peraltiago and how it feels like for Fumero to be one of two Latinas on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Believe it or not, we don’t see two Latinas on TV, especially on the same show without one being let go. And Fumero, she had to live with that fear the entirety of season one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

“It’s incredible. Stephanie and I, when we first booked the pilot, talked a lot about being terrified about getting fired cuz we were like, “There’s no way they’re going to keep both of us. And we kind of even went into season one with a little bit of that fear, like we can’t believe this is happening.”

Yet they stayed and thrived. They grew as women, as officers, and as Latinas that flipped the bird to stereotypes where as Latinas we’re loud, pop gum, and have a pouty red lips. Amy Santiago isn’t like that. Fumero explained, “We weren’t playing any stereotypes. We were playing just human women that happen to be Latina.”

A huge part of Amy Santiago and the journey that she’s been on is her relationship with Jake Peralta. They went from colleagues to friends to companions and then to partners. And coming into the next season Andy Samberg knows that as long as the writers keep true to what Peraltiago is about, he’s there for it.

“I don’t know if I have any specific hopes. My only hope really is that it feels honest to them and that it’s enjoyable to watch. So if it turns into them having kids, great. If it’s done to the standard that I have gotten into so far.”

And it’s even more amazing to hear that this is something that Samberg and Fumero talk about all the time.

“Something for Melissa and I, we always talk about going into those Jake and Amy episodes, it’s finding our way into a place where it’s like they feel like they are actually a couple. It’s honest to who they are.”

To learn more about Peraltiago, what’s coming next for them when it comes to kids, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, watch our interview at SDCC below!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to NBC in 2020.

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