8 Favorite Moments from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Cinco de Mayo”

Photo: John P. Fleenor/NBC

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine heist might’ve been a little late this year but we still got to bask in its glory in “Cinco de Mayo.” From Amy and Jake being the best goobers to Cheddar betraying his dads, let’s talk about our 8 favorite moments from the annual heist!

1. Jake and Amy giving each other tasers.

I’m kind of crazy proud of Jake and Amy in “Cinco de Mayo.” Crazy because they gifted each other tasers in the form of thoughtful gifts from each other. But proud because great minds think alike and these two have taken the time and the patience to throw it down when it came to heist time. It’s dedication that needs to be admired!


2. Holt getting serious AF about this heist.

Raymond is always the most calm and put together person at the Nine-Nine. But the heist…it does something to him. It awakens the competitive winner inside of him that will serve up the best truth tea with a side “look at my cummerbund, it’s better than yours, but oh wait, you don’t have one”! Everyone loses control sometimes and it’s hilarious that this is it for Captain Holt.


3. Cheddar betraying Holt and Kevin.

I thought that Hans betrayal on Frozen broke me. But this betrayal has shoved that moment to the side and cemented itself as one of the most savage betrayals in media history. 🤣 How dare you Cheddar? You turned your back on your dad for yummy treats? Things will never be the same! *cries into fainting couch*


4. Kevin giving into the power of the heist.

For a moment there I forgot that we were watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and not The Good Place. But stop, take a moment, and think about it. What if they’re the same people? What if this is his actual job and Kevin is a cover up? The possibilities are endless and I love seeing Marc Evan Jackson on my screen!


5. Holt and Jake catching an actor in his tracks!

When we first heard about Holt and Jake calling out this “victim” for his great acting, I thought they were toeing the line into “maybe you shouldn’t say that” territory. Jokes on me because Holt and Jake could see a fake a mile away and knew there was something up from the start. That’s why they’re one of my favorite father/son duos! (Yeah, I said it and I don’t regret it!)

6. Holt leading Cheddar outside to use the bathroom.

I need a cartoon or a children’s storybook about the adventures of Captain Holt and Cheddar. It will be the most super serious series of books that would cover proper dog/owner greetings, filing your taxes, and appropriate formal wear for visits to the work place. I’m telling you, this book series it would be riveting, worthwhile, and a best seller! *throws money at screen*


7. The gang working together to get Terry to his “test.”

Sure, it might’ve all been an elaborate ruse by Terry, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that the team worked hard to get him to his exam. So what if he’s passed out in a old shopping cart gifted to them by wannabe Charles Boyle. The Nine-Nine are here for Terry and proud that he passed the lieutenants exam!

8. Peraltiago being cute goobers.

Even in the middle of a cut throat annual heist these two are the absolute cutest! They partners, lovers, and goobers in arms that support and are proud of each other. Makes me wish I had a life partner as fantastic as these two. *stares off into the distance in sadness because we’d all be so lucky to have what Peraltiago has.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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