‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×13 Review: “Lights Out”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “Lights Out” felt like a gift to Peraltiago fans. From start to finish, this was an ultimate test of their love, commitment, and bond with each other and that of the Nine-Nine. And I think they did more than brilliantly. They blew it out of the water and left me feeling like I’d watched something glorious and fantastic.

For that, I want to thank NBC. Thank you for taking on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Thank you for giving it a home when Fox dropped it. Thank you for working on everyone’s story lines to make them the best they can be. And thank you for helping us get to this point where Peraltiago have a baby and all is right with the world.

Because everything is right in a world where Peraltiago, that little ship that could, have expanded on their family in the form of a child. And this isn’t me saying that children is the only way or possible avenue that these two could’ve gone down. Some people don’t have kids. This is me saying that I feel blessed to have witnessed their journey, in whatever form.

And in “Lights Out” we saw everyone in rare but brilliant form. Even Hitchcock and Scully came in strong with a birthing suite to help Amy give birth at the Nine-Nine aka something I saw coming from the first moment Amy said that her contractions were fineeeee. *insert pain noise here* There was no other place to have this kid than the Nine-Nine.

Amy, being the amazingly fierce and strong woman she is, proved that being pregnant doesn’t stop you from doing your job. You are still capable AF and strong enough to get shit done when everyone is looking your way for direction. And it made me appreciate her, and the friendship she has with Rosa because that woman had Amy’s back no matter what page they were on, on a whole new level.

Then there was Jake. He knew he needed to get back to the Nine-Nine. But he also knew that he needed to help people and that Amy wouldn’t judge him for doing his job when she was doing hers as well. So he picked up a couple very strange characters along the way that needed his help and proved how strong of a man he is. And like Amy and Rosa, made me appreciate him, his relationship with Amy and Boyle, on a whole new level.

A special shout out needs to go to Rosa, Charles, Holt, and Terry. They were there when Amy and Jake needed them and stayed no matter how complicated things got or how messy they were about to get. They encouraged each other, had each others backs, and gave Amy and Jake the strength needed to get shit done aka have this Peraltiago baby.

And honestly, I feel blessed. Blessed that we have this extraordinary group of people in our lives. Blessed that Peraltiago have come so far to have AN ACTUAL CHILD! Blessed that we don’t live in a world where this show was cancelled. And blessed to be part of one of the kindest fandoms I’ve ever encountered.

Until next season! Nine-Nine!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for season 8.

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