‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 5×09 Review:”Zari, Not Zari”

So….Legends of Tomorrow sure came back with a bang, didn’t it?

“Zari, Not Zari” has a lot of different things going on during the episode. In the end however it all revolves around the one thing that Legends of Tomorrow has always been about: Family.

This time around however, it’s not about the positives of family, but the pain that family can sometimes cause. Whether it’s an evil sister hunting down a loom of fate, a daughter that you just can’t seem to win over, or a brother that you couldn’t save. The Legends have plenty on their plate, so lets start with the continued hunt for the LOOM OF FATE. 

We finally got to meet Charlie’s last sister and the words “Stone Cold Bitch” come to mind. The Fates are unlike any villain the Legends have had to deal with in a long time. They are relentless and very powerful. Well, that’s probably an understatement as they are actual gods. 

So John, Sara and Charlie’s next loom mission sends them into the woods on the set of Supernatural. (No, the Winchesters weren’t on there, but “Baby” did get to make a quick cameo appearance). Here’s where we find out how tough Charlie’s sister is going to be. First she takes out Constantine easy peasy, and impersonates him to trick Sara and Charlie. Then, when the second ring is found, she’s able to easily defeat Charlie and Sara to gain possesssion of it. Even after all that though, her most diabolical move happens when she gets on the Waverider. (But more on that in a little bit, as lets now talk about who the episode is named after….Zari. )  

Finally in “Zari, Not Zari,” we get to see the old Zari again after regular Zari decides to go through a psychedelic trip into the totem to figure out what the heck is going on with her. 

In the totem, she comes face to face with the old Zari Tomaz, who gets to talk with a Zari that is different from her, but at the core is still Zari. No matter what timeline, Zari is still someone who cares about her family. This was clear to see by the joy on Past Zari’s face when Zari tells her that Behrad is alive. 

Also, I just want to say that Tari Ashe doesn’t get enough credit for how excellent she has been this season of Legends of Tomorrow. It’s not easy at all to try to play a different version of a character that was so well known and loved. It’s even harder to get people to fall in love with the new version of that character. Tari’s work this season in showing off her comedic chops, but never letting us forget the kind heart underneath it all is magnificent work. 

It was great to see Past Zari again, even if it was all too brief. Zari returns from her totem trip to some really bad news. 

Evil Fate Sister (That’s my nickname for her as of now) invades the Waverider to get the first ring that the Legends were able to procure. Behrad tries to stop her, but ends up getting his fate string cut by Evil Fate Sis and is killed. 

Now I would feel bad, and my heart broke seeing Zari’s heartbreak but one thing is stopping me from feeling bad. First, Zari goes to a recuperating Constantine and tells him that she’s not leaving his side. Not even for one split second, not till they recover all the pieces of the loom so they can bring her brother back. And as we know on Legends of Tomorrow, death doesn’t stick too often, unless your name is Rip Hunter. 

My prediction: Behrad is only gone 3 episodes max.

So now with the Fates conspiring to get the loom back in their hands the Legends are in the deep end of the pool now.  Though things are looking up since Sara and Charlie were able to get back the rings with a little double-team action involving a chopped hand and a kick into the time stream. 

The old saying is “Fate can be changed.” Now for the Legends, the saying is now “Can Fate be stopped?”


  • The C-story was Ava helping Mick with his daughter Lita. Ava’s plan is a good one in theory. The Plan: Enter Mick into Lita’ life through the different parts of her life in a fun montage of moments. Too bad it backfires badly in the present. Instead of being glad that Mick was there those times, Lita is now furious that Mick left all those times. I can’t say I’m connecting with this storyline very much but I did deliver an all-time line “Parenting Sucks” 
  • Dean Winchester is officially on Sara Lance’s Hall Pass list. Just wanted that out there for the world to know. 
  • I loved all the little callbacks at the beginning of the episode for Zari to her past life.  From waking up in Nate’s bed to spotting the cat to kicking butt in video games, they were all really clever easter eggs to Past Zari’s life. 
  • If my closed captioning was right, Charlie’s fate name was Clotho. 
  • Sara is able to survive a full attack by the Evil Fate Sister without much injury so something is definitely up with Sara. Does the White Canary have her own superpowers now?

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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