Making decisions in your life are hard. From the mundane of choosing what to eat for breakfast to the life-changing ones of moving out of your home or getting married, each day of your life involves making decisions that can alter your life in different ways. Legends of Tomorrow‘s “EggRead More →


We all have them, those couples we wish a show had given us, the OTPs that didn’t end up happening. They don’t even have to be couples the show was actually hinting at, but just two people we saw together and went, hmmm, this could work, for whatever reason. OftenRead More →

FINALLY OUR SHOW IS BACK!!! After what feels like ages, Legends of Tomorrow delivered the usual wildness we’ve come to expect from the outcast of the Arrowverse. However, we didn’t expect to have our hearts break into multiple pieces due to AvaLance drama, a family betrayal and a shocking finalRead More →

As we head into Thanksgiving, it’s a time to reflect on what we give thanks for. Most people will say family, friends and happiness. Instead I will give thanks to Legends of Tomorrow for giving us a tribute to monster movies and magical diaries while still injecting heart into theRead More →

If you spend enough time with someone, you feel like you know them. Their likes, dislikes, allergies and favorite colors. “Dancing Queen” enforces that through some of the men of the Waverider: Ray, Nate and Constantine. However, “Dancing Queen” also shows us more of what makes these Legends… well, Legends.Read More →

Sometimes, in the middle of all the wackiness and off-the-wall adventuring of Legends of Tomorrow, you can forget that at its heart are characters who endure some real emotions. Sometimes, like in “Witch Hunt,” they do it while battling evil fairy godmothers! We sometimes ignore how much trauma each LegendRead More →

At San Diego Comic-Con the cast and creators of Legends of Tomorrow spoke to the press in anticipation of Season Four, premiering in late October. Executive Producer Keto Shimizu and actor Dominic Purcell said the show has carved its own niche in the Arrowverse. “It’s becoming not really like theRead More →

Quick question: if you had to pick the most fun show on television today, what would you pick? While there are several choices, you wouldn’t be wrong in going with Legends of Tomorrow. Legends’s third season has came and gone with a few new faces aboard the Waverider as aRead More →