There’s no doubt that Legends of Tomorrow every week is a wild time-traveling ride. Through three seasons we have witnessed multiple instances of things that if they happened on any other show, all we would say is “WTF?” So when “guest starring” has the following : Barack Obama being attackedRead More →


“Cousin Oliver” – For those who don’t know who that is, he was a character introduced during the Brady Bunch’s run to liven up the show. Instead, the character was so annoying it turned more people off of the show. Now by no means does Legends of Tomorrow need toRead More →

As I was watching “Amazing Grace,” even with the ghosts, the Elvis Presley and the debut of the last totem “Death” – a thought kept racing through my mind. If it walks like a filler episode, talks like a filler episode and smells like a filler episode then it mostRead More →

Dear Flarrowverse Fans, Wally West here. If you guys haven’t heard the news, I’m gonna be leaving Central City for a while, and I honestly don’t know when I’ll be back. I’ve often heard that every hero has his/her own journey, and this will be the beginning of mine. I’mRead More →

The shared DCTV universe can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, the shared universe allows for massive plot holes. For example, dramatic cliffhangers lose some impact when the easy solution is to call in the super friends for help. On the other hand, the potentialRead More →

Adding new characters in the middle of a show’s run is nothing new. All well established shows do this no matter the genre. The hope of the show runner is that the audience will follow in love ( or at least like) with the character. Sometimes this happens easily sometimesRead More →

A trip to the circus is usually a fun experience, and for most of this week’s Legends of Tomorrow, it is. Not only do we get to see sabretooth tigers, bearded ladies and Billy Zane (Oh My!) but we also don’t get many sights unseen. Instead we get the usualRead More →

Cleaning up messes is really tough to do. It has also been what the Legends of Tomorrow have done since they first started. Sometimes (a lot of the time) it’s the Legends own mess they have to clean up, but there is something satisfying about cleaning up your own mess.Read More →

A favorite of ours is saying good-bye to one of our favorite shows. According to Deadline, Victor Garber is exiting Legends of Tomorrow during it’s current third season. It’s unknown at this time what will happen to Professor Martin Stein, the character Mr. Garber has played so excellently for yearsRead More →