‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 5 Finale Review: “Swan Thong”

Another season of Legends of Tomorrow is in the books, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what was going to happen. The Legends were able to defeat the Fates and save the earth and Charlie. In typical Legends fashion using teamwork, trust and the “Thong Song,” the Legends saved the day yet again.

However, like every other season finale — much upheaval hits the Legends as some joined the ranks officially and some favorites of ours disembark the Waverider. So we’re going to be highlighting the team members saying goodbye in “Swan Thong”. Starting off with our favorite punk rocker/shapeshifter/reformed fate.


Charlie’s the perfect example of a character growing and evolving in a tv show I’ve seen in a long while. When we first met Charlie, she didn’t have a care in the world except having a good time and saving her own skin. Now during “Swan Thong,” Charlie acts the polar opposite of that character we first met in “Dancing Queen” .

Charlie feels bad about everything that she think she’s put the Legends through. It’s that feeling you have when it feels like your family is in trouble but you’re scared to make it worse. After a quick inspirational talk from Lita, Charlie confronts her last remaining fate sister, Lachesis.*

(Sara killed Atropos by ripping the loom from her – both killing the fate, destroying the Loom and curing Sara of her blindness and powers.)

The thing about families is you’re born into them, but they don’t become one unless you love the people in them. The Fates may have been Charlie’s sisters but they weren’t her family. Her real family, that’s the Legends. And that’s why she had to say goodbye to them at the end of “Swan Thong”.

Charlie’s decision to stay behind in 70’s London with her band “The Smell” feels a bit odd, but true to her character. Never one for playing by the rules, yet also wanting someone to be there not breaking those rules with her. Leaving one found family is tough, but starting a new one with your mates is something that’s worth a little chaos.


And speaking on hard decisions on leaving family…..


‘Swan Thong’ is more than likely the last we’re going to ever see of the version of Zari we knew for over two seasons on Legends of Tomorrow.

Having two Zaris (while very cool) eventually leads to the timelines playing chaos on Behrad. Remember that in the old timeline, he was shot and killed. So old Zari makes the decision to go back into the totem and save her brother – the one thing that she’s wanted ever since she first joined up with the Legends.

I think the only person crying more than me seeing this version of Zari leaving again was Nate. Nate and Zari’s farewell moment right before she goes back into the totem is one of my favorite and heartbreaking scenes of the whole series. Nate getting back his memories of Zari just to lose her again — if you didn’t shed a tear, I don’t know what to tell you.

(Oh Nate. First Amaya and now Zari. The dude is just unlucky in love.)

Okay the second most heartbreaking scene was then when old Z said farewell to the Legends, and especially Behrad. Tala Ashe is such a fantastic actress and highlighting that talent was her acting in these last two scenes. Showcasing the contentment of knowing her brother is going to be okay against the sadness of knowing she’s never going to be seeing the people she loves ever again. Hopefully someday people understand how good a performance she’s delivering episode after episode.


Now what is going to happen with Zari? Well if “Swan Thong”is giving us a hint towards next season’s dynamic, she’s a full-fledged member of the group now. Her and John Constantine are very hot and heavy.


Whatever happens next season, we’re glad to have met this version of Zari Tarazi. Also we’re glad we got to say goodbye to Zari Tomaz.

So what’s next for the Legends of Tomorrow? Where does a show go after defeating the Fates? YEP, SPACE ALIENS.


After saying their good-byes to Charlie, something kidnaps Sara away via blue-beam to parts unknown. So our big cliffhanger for next season is a very interesting and simple one: where in the Universe is Sara Lance?????


  • Astra seems to have officially become part of the Legends family as she gives John his life token. What she wants in return is a second chance. Living with John hopefully gives her this chance.
  • It was awesome seeing Sara back in her old White Canary gear. Sometimes it’s just cool seeing heroes in their hero gear, you know?
  • Museum of Bad Ideas — they’ll be so many from 2020.
  • It was nice seeing Courtney Ford as Marie Antoniette but I gotta ask : Why wouldn’t the Legends check up on Ray and Nora? All this shit going down and not one mention of how they are doing?

That was Legends of Tomorrow season 5 – a lot of good, a little bad and healthy dose of silliness. See ya all next year. Star Safe, friends.

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