The Bachelor is literally the only thing that has me looking forward to Mondays, and it’s the life force sustaining me as we near the NFL’s offseason. Three episodes in, and I’d say Peter Weber has been a solid Bachelor so far. He’s been thrown several obstacles, among them hisRead More →


We’re here again, Blindspotters! After a slow week, the show has given us an episode like those of yesteryear. In “Everybody hates Kathy” the good rhythm returns, as well as the tattoos, the mysteries and the emotional conflicts. In short, our favorite series returns. The case of the week hasRead More →

Welcome back, blindspotters! After a week, “Ohana” gives us an episode better than the previous one, but still not perfect. The case of the week occupies too central a place, although they use it very well to introduce the return of Patterson’s father and get, this time, all the possibleRead More →

Welcome back my lovelies! This is one of the finale installments of Siren before the spring finale, so they dished up a lot of story arch’s and brought back some characters I never thought I’d see again, I’m talking about you Dumb Chris! The feds are all over Bristol Cove,Read More →

Guys! Grownish just aired their mid-season finale and it was sooooo good! Last week, Zoey got caught cheating on her mid-term chemistry final, Ana was just about to come clean to Zoey about her and Aaron hooking up, and Nomi made out with her professor in the front seat ofRead More →

Okay, so this week’s Grownish has been my favorite of the season. I don’t know if I’m feeling nostalgic about college or if Zoey’s predicament incited a fond memory of many parties and many failed attempts at studying for finals. Whatever the case, I was into it and I evenRead More →

Would you want to know how many other girls your boyfriend had slept with before you? Would your boyfriend want to know your “body count?” That is the question Zoey poses to Luca on this week’s Grownish.  Zoey sees a painting Luca presents at the Cal-U art festival, and theRead More →

Welcome, blindspotters! After a mini hiatus, Blindspot is back with “Careless Whisper.” It’s a transitional episode, although with important touches for everything that comes, but in general, the axis on which the episode turns feels too disconnected from the other plots that appear in it, and, again, it’s rhythm isRead More →

Blindspot is back! And not just because a week has passed since the previous episode, but because “The Big Reveal” has meant a return to everything that we love about the show: secrets, action, tension, love, mystery. And the rhythm of the series has returned to what it was, all storiesRead More →

Welcome back, blindspotters! The return of our favorite series with “Check your Ed” has made the ties that unite the past, the present and the future cross more than ever. This episode has shown us how Jane has confronted all her demons and fears and conquered them. Let’s talk aboutRead More →

Blindspot returned after two weeks with “Case: Sun, Moon and the Truth,” which introduced us fully into the emotional conflicts of the characters, especially when it comes to Jeller, an important focus in this episode. In addition, we discovered important things that mark what is going to happen in theRead More →

We’re back one more week, blindspotters! After the previous episode, this week Blindspot had us prepared in “Ca-ca-Candidate for Cri-Cri-Crime” an episode that leaves us wanting more. All the tension and the explosion of secrets long stored are concentrated at the end of the episode, leaving us with honey onRead More →

Blindspot is here again! After a week of waiting, we were finally able to enjoy “Naughty Monkey Kicks At Tree” and it was not disappointed at all. The episode has had moments full of action, emotion and tension, moments that have changed everything. Let’s talk about everything! Here we go!Read More →

One more week, Blindspot surprises us with an episode full of clues for what awaits us in the future. “My art project” is a cocktail of action, humor and tension. Things move on all fronts, placing the pieces of the puzzle right where they should be before it all explodes.Read More →

The penultimate episode of the second season of Famous in Love gave me what I’ve been asking for since the second season started. I wanted more character-driven stories and less overt Hollywood drama. This week delivered. Let’s get into all of the good and bad things that happened in “FullRead More →