‘The Rookie’ 5×14 Review: “Death Sentence”

The Rookie 5×14 “Death Sentence” shows us domestic Chenford, important doubts for Tamara, and mixed results in some storylines.

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×14 Review: “The Offer”

In The Rookie: Feds 1×14 “The Offer,” Simone receives an offer that turns out to be a poison apple as she fights to make a difference.

‘Quantum Leap’ 1×11 Review: “Leap, Die, Repeat”

Some episodes of television just make you want to scream in a combination of excitement, appreciation, and mystery-induced frustration. Quantum Leap 1×11 “Leap, Die, Repeat” was exactly that kind of episode. In fact, if you’ll excuse me for a moment……

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×13 Review: “The Remora”

In The Rookie: Feds 1×13 “The Remora” love was the undisputed protagonist while the characters begin to take shape.

‘The Rookie’ 5×13 Review: “Daddy Cop”

The Rookie 5×13 “Daddy Cop” is a transition episode that it doesn’t leave us much to say, but give us important details for Chenford’s future

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 2×13 Review: “The Crowning Achievement Job”

Leverage: Redemption 2×13 “The Crowning Achievement Job” shows the team trapped and Sophie’s past more alive than ever. We review!

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×12 Review: “Out for Blood”

The Rookie: Feds 1×12 “Out for Blood” is the worst episode of the show so far. The series plays with true crime… and doesn’t work.

‘The Rookie’ 5×12 Review: “Death Notice”

The Rookie 5×12 “Death Notice” shows Chenford’s strength and what they are for each other as it throws us some surprises.

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 2×12 Review: “The Museum Job”

Leverage: Redemption 2×12 “The Museum Job” is the best! Sophie’s past comes back as the team grows closer and some secrets are revealed.

Kennedy McMann & Felicity Huffman Sign On For ‘The Good Doctor’

We have to admit, the spinoff of #TheGoodDoctor would be something we might watch. Read about it here —

‘Fire Country’ 1×10 Review: ‘Get Your Hopes Up’

#FireCountry keeps outdoing itself week after week. This week being all about redemption and the search for it, we were here for it.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ 3×11 Review: “The Infiltration Game”

Law & Order: Organized Crime 3×11 “The Infiltration Game” asks viewers to suspend disbelief in a way that just flat out doesn’t work.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ 24×11 Review: “Soldier Up”

As a second chapter of a trilogy, Law & Order: SVU 24×11 “Soldier Up” both does what it needs to do and…doesn’t.

‘The Rookie’ 5×11 Review: “The Naked and the Dead”

The Rookie 5×11 “The Naked and the Dead” shows us how physical and emotional abuse is presented, along with the consequences they cause.

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×11 Review: “Close Contact”

In The Rookie: Feds 1×11 “Close Contact” love is in the air and the lines between relationships and work blur with very different results.

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 2×11 Review: “The Belly of the Beast Job”

Leverage: Redemption 2×11 “The Belly of the Beast Job” is different from all the episodes we’ve seen before…and that’s not a good thing.

‘Quantum Leap’ 1×10 Review: “Paging Dr. Song”

Quantum Leap was my favorite new show of 2022. My favorite Christmas gift was a really good bottle of mulled wine. I brought the two together when watching Quantum Leap 1×10 “Paging Dr. Song” because – as the episode reminds…

‘Fire Country’ 1×09 Review: ‘No Good Deed’

Well, all we know after this episode is that we will protect Bode and Gabriela at all costs. AT ALL COSTS!

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ 3×10 Review: “Trap”

Law & Order: Organized Crime 3×10 “Trap” is a fun setup for the series’ latest arc, which positions itself as Detective Whelan’s time to shine.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ 24×10 Review: “Jumped In”

Law & Order: SVU 24×10 “Jumped In” is quite the 2023 kickoff. Some parts work, others are head scratchers…and one piece is way unnecessary.

‘The Rookie’ 5×10 Review: “The List”

The Rookie 5×10 “The List” is the first part of a crossover that is just the Chenford show and we would watch infinite seasons of that.