‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 4×13 Review: “Egg MacGuffin”

Making decisions in your life are hard. From the mundane of choosing what to eat for breakfast to the life-changing ones of moving out of your home or getting married, each day of your life involves making decisions that can alter your life in different ways. Legends of Tomorrow‘s “Egg MacGuffin” has the Legends and their allies making some very big decisions that alters the course of their lives and could change the show in many different ways in the near future.

Of course this being Legends of Tomorrow, these choices range from whether taking a chance on love to letting a demon possess your body to save your best friend.  So lets highlight a little slice of heaven for two characters before we get to the hell another one is going through.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — “Egg MacGuffin” — Image Number: LGN413b_0022b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Nick Zano as Nate Heywood/Steel and Tala Ashe as Zari — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Nate and Zari’s flirtation comes to a head in “Egg MacGuffin” thanks to a little push from Sara to conduct an “Indiana Jones’ type investigation in 1930’s New York which turns out to be a giant egg. Now I’ve not been 100% on the Nate/Zari ship but this episode has pushed me towards it.

From the little moments of Zari and Nate blushing at each other to the loving kisses they give one another at the end of the episode, I found myself rooting for these two to get together. Credit goes to the Legends writers, Tari Ashe, and Nick Zano for doing a perfect slow-burn for Nate and Zari as all the little moments between the two made the moment at the end of the episode feel earned instead of rushed. Friends to Lovers is a great trope when it’s done right and as of right now it feels like it’s being done right. Legends of Tomorrow may be silly and wacky at times but it never skips out on emotional and heartfelt moments. Now about that giant egg…..

The egg that Zari and Nate (well actually Sara and Ava too) rescue from “The Adventure Club” and the dirty stinking Nazis, ends up having something inside of it……a dragon. So yes, we have dragons now aboard the Waverider. Where this storyline goes, I have no idea. BUT if this gives us -Zari Tomaz, Queen of Dragons- I’m all for it.



So the biggest thing to happen in “Egg MacGuffin” is that Neron fully possesses Ray and is able to convince Gary to betray the team and Constantine.  Throughout the episode, Ray is trying every scientific method he can to hold off Neron from taking over but science has no way of defeating magic. Brandon Routh does a really wonderful job of playing Ray’s desperation – from his trying to convince Nate that everything is okay to the panic in his face as he realizes that Neron is going to be in control of his body and soul if he slips for a second.

Ray sacrificing himself for Nate so Neron doesn’t kill him was a heartbreaking moment as you know that the “Time Bros” care about each other so much that they would give their soul to save the other. Not even Constantine could stop the possession thanks to that little weasel Gary turning to the dark side and going with Neron. Now excuse me because I feel a tiny rant incoming…

I KNEW IT! Gary has always been a little creep and it doesn’t shock me one bit to see him turn on the Legends. No I don’t feel sorry for him because he was tired of being treated like a joke by the Legends. Dude was bad news since day one.  I’m glad he’s a bad guy now so I can root for the team to destroy him.

(Also Neron’s gift of returning Gary’s nipple to him had to have been one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen on tv. Never need to see a ripped off nipple in a case ever again)

So where does this leave the Legends now?  They will get help from the Time Bureau in the form of their newest member Nora thanks to Constantine waking her up from her coma. However, Neron/Ray looks to be just getting started on his torment for the Legends. What is Neron’s goal for the Legends?

Sending them all to hell just to get John Constantine? Does it have something to do with Nate as Neron seems almost fixated on him? Can the team save Ray without losing anyone else? With only 3 episodes to go, lots of life-altering decisions will be made . I have no doubt of that. My only fear is the choices that are made might not be what we expect them or want them to be.


  • The C-story involves Mick and Charlie going to a Romance Convention as Mick’s pseudonym – Rebecca Silver- has been offered big $$$$ to appear. Nothing much comes from this arc except that once again Mona shows zero emotional maturity (Becoming a theme sadly) and Mick delivers a good speech on why people go to conventions for human connection.
  • Loved all the Indiana Jones tributes from the map to Nate and Zari calling themselves “Henry Jones Jr. and Marion” on their mission to the kiss scene at the end of the episode.
  • “You see them whip skills?” “Yeah it gave me a idea for date night” – AvaLance being into the kinky stuff is the least shocking reveal in this episode.
  • Also Sara and Ava betting on Nate and Zari hooking up is exactly what a married couple would do.
  • Ava making Nora a member of the Time Bureau – YESSSSSSSSSSSS.
  • This moment:

Legends of Tomorrow airs on the CW on Monday Nights at 8 pm.

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