‘Legends of Tomorrow’ SDCC Interview: Caity Lotz And Brandon Routh Tease Troubles Ahead For Sara And Ray In Season 4

Two of the most popular characters in the Arrowverse — Sara Lance and Ray Palmer — have been through a ton through their lives. Between Sara’s many brushes with death and Ray finding love and losing it, both characters deserve a bit of a break.

As we enter Season Four of Legends of Tomorrow, it looks like they will get a bit of peace in their lives. But in interviews at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Caity Lotz (Sara) and Brandon Routh (Ray) hinted that these peaceful times  may not last very long.

Ray is dealing with the fact that he gave Nora Darhk the timestone at the end of Season Three. According to Brandon, Ray worries a few things happening could be the work of Nora, so we have definitely not seen the last of the Ray/Nora dynamic that was so popular in Season Three.

As for Sara, she seems happy and content with Ava and her role as Captain on the Waverider. But with the arrival of Constantine, that looks like Sara’s newfound bliss might all fall down. Expect Constantine to be “the devil on the shoulder” of Sara Lance this upcoming season.

“Sara has worked very hard to get away from the ‘I’m a lonely soul, nobody will save me, stay away from me’ Sara to becoming open, having a relationship, to try to have a real life. Connecting with people. And Constantine is the opposite of that,” Lotz said.

The cast doesn’t sound too heartbroken over being left out of the upcoming Arrowverse crossover. Lotz said. “It’s so crazy logistically to just do the show and when you have so many characters, it’s really hard to delve into any one story…….We’re not mad about it.”

Check out the rest of the interview below as they talk about how the death of Sara’s father affects her and the show, how well the writers mix in comedy with serious moments, and how they would love to see Felicity or Cisco aboard the Waverider for a episode or two.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to the CW on Monday, October 22 at 9 p.m/8 Central.

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