‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 5×10 Review: “The Great British Fake Off”

It’s almost funny how sometimes characters can have zero chemistry with one another even after multiple seasons.  On the opposite side, just by happenstance, two characters can click after just one scene together. There was nothing fake about the chemistry between two of the Legends of Tomorrow in “The Great British Fake Off” – John Constantine and Zari Tomaz.

To say that John and Zari’s interactions were the stuff of fanfic dreams would be a touch of an understatement. After being flung into the past together in search of the final ring of “THE LOOM OF FATE,” they end up spending the majority of “The Great British Fake Off” hitting every trope you can imagine. Let’s count them up shall we?

  • Pretending to be a couple while undercover? Check. 
  • Constant Bickering while saving each other from multiple encores including Bonnie and Clyde, Jack the Ripper and Brutus? Check.
  • Heart to Heart chat while one of them is pretending to be Cleopatra? Check. 
  • Almost kiss interrupted by well-meaning friends including one of them’s former lover? Check. 
  • Longing glances at one another from across the room? Check and Mate. 

I have no clue if Legends of Tomorrow will advance this into the future, but it would be a shame for them to ignore something so bright and shiny in front of them. Do I want a love triangle between John/Nate and Zari? Not really. Love triangles are the worst. However, John and Zari’s back & forth bickering/flirting was the highlight of this episode.  Hopefully we get more of this before this season is out.  


As for the rest of “The Great British Fake Off,” well it just didn’t spark my interest as much as Constantine and Zari’s shenanigans did. Ava, Gary and Mick go down to hell to get Astra, for what they believe is her causing all the encores to show up. 

Except Astra is just as clueless about why all her encore coins are gone as it’s actually Charlie’s fate sisters (Atropus and Lachesis) that caused it. There was nothing wrong with this storyline, and even Gary was less annoying than usual in it. Even the motivational speech Ava gives Astra about being her own person was good. It just feels like this storyline isn’t clicking with me and I’m not sure why. I don’t find myself rooting for Astra to get her mom back as much as it feels like Legends would want me too. 

Maybe this will change now that Astra is working with the Legends on getting back her mom. And that mission now is going swimmingly since John and Zari were able to recover the third Loom ring, thanks to Zari getting to wield the totem’s power finally. 

Now that the Legends of Tomorrow are one step closer to the Loom of Fate, what will happen next? Charlie has warned the team all season long that messing with the loom is a bad idea. Not only are there two powerful god-like sisters searching for it, but what happens when the Loom is repaired? Remember the saying “Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely.” Will the Legends be able to keep themselves from being corrupted by its power?


  • Sara is knocked out during the spell that knocks John and Zari back into the past. It’s not really clear if this is a side-effect because of what happened in “Zari, Not Zari” to Sara with her near-death experience. There’s a chance this could also be those powers we long heard promised that Sara was going to be getting this season. Either way, not very happy to not get a whole lot of my favorite captain in this episode. Not happy at all. 
  • An example of the fantastic banter John and Zari had: “There’s a little warrior inside of this totem and she’s going to protect me.” “I don’t even know what to say to that.”
  • Mick is officially a Soccer Dad.
  • Zari ending the Encore gathering in full diva mode dressed as Cleopatra. A goddess. 
  • Nate asking how the old Zari was tugged at the old heartstrings for a second. 

Legends of Tomorrow airs at 9 pm on the CW on Tuesday Nights.

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