‘Never Have I Ever’ 1×03: “… gotten drunk with the popular kids”

I can’t outrun Tik Tok. That shit is everywhere and I hate it. I don’t wanna see people try to dance. I don’t want to see peoples thirst traps. I don’t wanna see bad editing.

If I wanted to see really bad shit, I would just look at my own stuff. It’s that bad.

But I also get that in todays world life revolves around likes, posts, and people notice you off of what you do or don’t do on social media. Devi, Eleanor, and Fabiola may not be the most popular girls in school – but what I love about them is they are the best things to each other.

And if we’re being honest, that is the way that life is supposed to be. You find your tribe and you love them hard. Though we fond out quickly – that all these girls are keeping shit to themselves. And lying.

The girls want to know if Paxton has liked the video and everything to them keeps coming back to sex. I swear to God, these girls need to not let their vag direct their life.

But I will give points to Eleanor and Fabiola that they don’t want Devi to be used. That’s good friendship. They threaten to kick Paxton’s ass if need be. But Devi needs to own up to the fact that she’s causing all sorts of shit by just not being honest.


Devi’s Mom is the absolute best. She is old school, doesn’t want to take anyones shit, has no filter and the way she goes about shit is funny as fuck.

But she is obviously going through some shit too. Her husband died, she misses him, and she feels like she has to be strong for everyone else. But she’s going to make sure that she raises Devi in a way that he would be proud of.

But that does mean pushing Devi, even when she doesn’t want to be pushed. So she tells her daughter that she has to weed her fathers tomato garden. And for Devi – that’s a difficult thing.

Because she remembers being a kid and being around her Dad. She remembers being outside with him and taking pride in the one tomato that was perfect. She remembers spending time with her Dad. and it takes seconds before she runs back inside. It’s just way too hard to do anything that has to do with her Dad.

Later that night, while in the kitchen. she sees a coyote picking at the garden. She runs out to rush him off, and the coyote is calm and nice to her. She thinks that this coyote is her father.



God, in team projects in school, they suck.

Fabiola, Devi, and Eleanor are going to be in a group for a history project, until Paxton asks Devi to be on his team. Of course she says yes, thinking that this could be a small opening. But quickly, when Paxton tells their third partner that Devi is cool and she’s going to help them get an A, all is cool, that’s the reason why he asked her.

Every single time I think I can give this kid a pass, he’s a first class douche bag.

We’re not dumb Paxton. You’re not dumb. You are fucking with this girls emotions and you know it.

But for Devi this is an exciting thing. Only – she’s the one doing the entire project and she’s letting it all slide.

Devi – think more of yourself. Think better of yourself. Notice this boy is an asshole.

A pretty smile and pretty abs do not make up for being a shitty fucking person.


So Fabiola and Eleanor get teamed up with Ben and this girl that has been giving Fabiola feelings.

Let’s all say it – Ben is a douche. But I also at the same think that Devi and Ben will end up together eventually. I am calling it now.

But when Ben calls Fabiola and Eleanor out and basically tells them that they don’t know how to contribute without Devi – they somehow feel like protecting Devi means telling Ben that she’s sleeping with Paxton.

Look, we all know that this is going to backfire. I don’t know how yet, but I know that at some point Ben is going to open his damn mouth, thinking it’s putting Devi in her place, not realizing it’s going to do more damage than it will ever help her.


I feel so bad for Kamala. I feel like she feels the need to be traditional, but moving to the states has made her want to make different strides with her life.

She was really, really into Steve (the guy she broke up with) and it’s hard and hurtful for her. She feels like she has to do what is expected of her, but doesn’t want to do what is expected of her.

It’s not easy to let everyone dictate your life.

Steve doesn’t understand what is going on. He doesn’t understand why she has to marry someone. Kamala says she doesn’t have to, but she doesn’t want to shame her family.

They can’t be friends. But she misses him. And she has to watch him go.

That night Devi and Kamala watching TV. She asks about the way Paxton is treating her and Kamala becomes defensive that she’s never had a boyfriend and that the first one would be her husband.

She’s way too damn defensive.

Kamala and Devi are watching Riverdale and who would have known that Kamala would learn everything that she needs to learn about standing up for herself from Riverdale.

She heads back to her exes – with their favorite meal – where he tells her that they can’t be friends.

But she tells him that she wants to be with him. She isn’t going to tell her family, but that’s okay. Cause she wants to be with him. And he’s okay with that because he wants to be with her.



Trent had said that he was having a kick back for people he knew. Technically he knows Devi, so I can see why she thought she should go.

But the things that you have to lie to your parents about are probably the things that you shouldn’t be doing. Devi lies and says that she has to go and work on

Devi shows up to party and Paxton is happy to see her. She drinks a beer and Paxton says Devi is a weird girl, but in a good way. He isn’t drinking. He need to take care of his body during swim season. She tells Paxton that if she had his body she would take care of it too.

We’ve all been there – our mouths say too much.

Devi is trying to make friends, when Ben walks in with a stack of pizza. She goes to talk shit to him – he asks why she’s there. And that leads to her telling him she’s been talking to Paxton all night, so she’s basically there with Paxton.

And Ben points out that Paxton is flirting with another girl.

Devi gets jealous seeing Paxton flirting with another girl.

We all do stupid things when we are jealous. And for Devi that means that she’s gonna get drunk.

And that can make your do even stupider things

And that’s when friends see a coyote and Devi – well, to Devi that coyote has the soul of her Dad.

Devi sees the coyote and drunk she gets on her knees to talk to the coyote and it attacks her. That is definitely not her Dad.

She tells Paxton that she thought it was her Dad. He says she thinks she’s crazy but in a good way. That’s why he’s happy that they are friends.

Look, I don’t always like Paxton, but when Paxton takes her to the hospital and posts the pic of them together to her grid, says for her to tag herself, and stays with her until her Mom arrives – he’s redeemed himself from being a shit again.


  • Fabiola getting nails done with her Mom. Her Mom wants her to get girly nails. She asks how project is going. Mom thinks she has a crush on Ben. Fabiola says that she doesn’t like Ben. Tells Mom that she has a boyfriend named Alex Gomez, and her Mom asks if Alex is real or a robot. It broke my heart for her.
  • Devi at therapy and asks her therapist to go and buy her a thong. She also tells the therapist that her Dad came to her as a coyote. Therapist says it’s a beautiful thing and that she may see her as many things, but Devi corrects her and tells her that she saw her Dads soul in a coyote. Devi is too charged on what life should be from movies.
  • Fabiola programming the robot to say “I’m Gay” because she can’t say it herself. I hope she finds her way. She deserves happy too.
  • Devi’s Mom’s stash of See’s Candy is the shit.
  • The class calling Devi coyote girl – I was worried that was going to make everyone make bad fun of her. But it’s made her popular and I am happy for her. I however think this may backfire.

Never Have I Ever is streaming now on Netflix.

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