Madelyn Cline Addresses The Rumors She’s Leaving ‘Outer Banks’

Rumors on social media can become overwhelming. OBX star Madelyn Cline addressed a rumor about herself in a now deleted Instagram post.

Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pinocchio’ Teaser is Giving ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Vibes

Guillermo del Toro is back with the stop motion animated film Pinocchio. Watch the first teaser for it here!

The ‘Murderville’ Trailer Is Here, And We Cannot Wait

Ever since we heard the premise for the new Netflix series, Murderville, we’ve been excited to see more. So imagine our delight when the trailer dropped today, and it was everything we could have hoped for. Welcome to Murderville Meet…

Netflix ‘Love is Blind: Japan’ Trailer is Finally Here!

Love is Blind is expanding and bringing its unique show to Japan. This once is a lifetime opportunity sees hopefuls try and find love…without seeing each other. Now, we’ve got to admit that at first we were skeptical of the…

The Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Is Finally Here

We’re not settling for anything less than a friendship like Maddie, Annie, and Dana Sue’s. Never. Anything. Less.

‘Squid Game’ Renewed for Season 2 & Is the Internet Here for It?

Netflix’s Squid Game is coming back for season 2 and to say we’re excited is an understatement. But what does the internet think?

‘The Royal Treatment’ Review: More Charming Than It Has a Right to Be

If we’re being honest, The Royal Treatment is a lot like the Netflix Christmas movies, way more charming than it has any right to be.

The ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 New Pics Are Priceless And We Are Here For This!

Bridgerton season 2 is coming! Today, Netflix dropped the first look at eight new photos and we love them so much! Read why here!

See The Trailer For ‘Inventing Anna’

The story of Anna Delvey is absolutely intriguing & we can’t wait for the limited series coming to Netflix! See the trailer.

Alyssa Milano’s ‘Brazen’ is An Effective Potential Start to a Series

Alyssa Milan’s Brazen isn’t groundbreaking, but if you want a Hallmark style thriller, then it might be the thing for you.

‘Shadow And Bone’ Casts Nikolai, Wylan, Tolya and Tamar

Shadow and Bone season 2 has found its Nikolai, Tolya, Tamar and Wylan and it’s okay, we’re totally calm about that.

‘Cobra Kai’ 4×10 Review: “The Rise”

What an ending. Emotion. Drama. Chaos. And so many cliffhangers. #CobraKai you did us good.

‘Emily In Paris’ Renewed For Two More Seasons!

Today is a good day! We’re getting two more seasons of #EmilyInParis! OUR ❤️ HEARTS ❤️ ARE ❤️ HAPPY!

‘Cobra Kai’ 4×09 Review: “The Fall”

Cobra Kai 4×09 is both setup and a great example of what the show does right — and what it could improve upon.

Ryan Gosling Talks About How His Work Goals Have Changed

Work priorities change over time and Ryan Goslings have shifted. What were they? What are they? Read about it here!

‘Cobra Kai’ 4×08 Review: “Party Time”

Prom Night ends up either being good or bad… and well, Sam and Miguels doesn’t turn out so great. #CobraKai

‘Cobra Kai’ 4×07 Review: “Minefields”

Cobra Kai 4×07 “Minefields” is about fathers and sons, and surprisingly, it seems like Johnny is doing better than Daniel.

See The Trailer For ‘Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness’

Jonathan Van Ness is a joy and we love him. We’re looking forward to his upcoming Netflix show. See the trailer.

‘Cobra Kai’ 4×06 Review: “Kicks Get Chicks”

There are a lot of things to say about Cobra Kai, but as the season goes on, we’re realizing more and more that the LaRusso’s don’t get that they’ve raised their kids to be little shits. Like for real. Anthony…

‘Cobra Kai’ 4×05 Review “Match Point”

Cobra Kai 4×05 “Match Point” is the end of the balance, as Johnny and Daniel’s issues come out to play — thanks to Terry Silver.

‘Cobra Kai’ 4×04 Review: “Bicephaly”

No surprise here, Hawk is causing issues and Cobra Kai ain’t gonna take it.