‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×10 Review: “… lived the dream”

It’s the last day of school. Junior year is ending and that means that senior year is right around the corner. Devi’s been planning out her senior year since she could remember. But even the best laid plans have issues.…

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×09 Review: “… had an indian boyfriend”

We don’t talk about Rhyah, cause we don’t like her. Especially after the shit she had to say about Devi. We don’t like her.

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×08 Review: “… hooked up with my boyfriend”

Devi just wants to make out with her boyfriend, but that isn’t going to be as easy as it seems. Read our review of episode 8 of #NeverHaveIEver

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×07 Review: “… cheated”

We’re at the point in #NeverHaveIEver where all the characters are growing and challenging themselves & we’re living for it.

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×06 Review: “… had a breakdown”

We always love an episode that we get to learn more about other characters, because that means another narrator and we love all the #NHIE narrators

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×05 Review: “… been ghosted”

Eleanor’s advice is well, questionable, but always entertaining. Devi needs to stop following the advice and believe in herself

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×04 Review: “…made someone jealous”

Getting over a breakup is hard. Moving on is hard. Seeing the person you were with, with someone else is hard. Devi is experiencing it all.

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×03: “… had a valentine”

Relationships are difficult enough, but when you’re in high school, everything is heightened. Feelings are so brand new that they over take everything. Yet, even when you get older, feelings stay with you. It doesn’t get easier. Do you remember…

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×02 Review: “…had a troll”

The internet is a scary place. It’s a place that shows you that nothing is as it seems. It’s a place that shows you, if you really think about it, it’s the place where you can see who a person…

‘Never Have I Ever’ 3×01 Review: “… been slut shamed”

high school is a bitch & people are always going to have something to say. you have to make the choice of listening to them or not.

The ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3 Trailer Is Here!

The Trailer for Never Have I Ever Season 3 is here, and it promises more drama and the same amount of heart as before.

Mindy Kaling Talks About Why ‘Never Have I Ever’ Will Only Run For Four Seasons

Will we miss #NeverHaveIEver? Yes. Do we understand why it’s only going to last 4 seasons? Also yes.

‘Never Have I Ever’ 2×10: “… Said I’m Sorry”

Life is always changing, but nothing is better than having great friends Devi, Eleanor, and Fabiola will always be there for each other and it is everything.

‘Never Have I Ever’ 2×09 Review: “…stalked my own mother”

What an emotional episode of #NeverHaveIEver. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is phenomenal. Legit, I cried. I felt Devi’s pain

‘Never Have I Ever’ 2×08: “… Been Daisy Buchanan”

We hate Malcolm. Ben is softening up. Devi is learning. Paxton is growing. There is a lot going on in #NeverHaveIEver

‘Never Have I Ever’ 2×07: “… Begged For Forgiveness”

This season of ‘Never Have I Ever’ has a lot of people with a lot of mood swings, making bad decisions, and it’s been a roller coaster to watch

‘Never Have I Ever’ 2×06: “… betrayed a friend”

Devi… we were rooting for you. And after this episode everything looks bleak AF for you and quite frankly – we’re disappointed.

‘Never Have I Ever’ 2×05: “… ruined someones life”

Rumors are horrendous and they are everywhere. The things that Devi spread, even if it was an accident, were cruel.

‘Never Have I Ever’ 2×04: “Had An Indian Frenemy”

As we journey into episode four, I do have to say that Never Have I Ever doesn’t disappoint this season. A lot of times second seasons of shows are disappointing, leaving us wondering why we wasted our time becoming invested.…

‘Never Have I Ever’ 2×03: “… Opened A Text Book”

A Paxton-centric episode with Gigi Hadid narrating is everything that we needed and didn’t want to end. We 💜 Paxton!

‘Never Have I Ever’ 2×02: “Thrown A Rager”

It’s the second episode of #NeverHaveIEver and Devi’s got a lot going on. Juggling ain’t as easy as it seems.