‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 5×11 Review: “Ship Broken”

What comes to mind when you think of a dog? Companionship. Joy. Frustration. Love. Those are just a few of the things that a dog brings into a person’s life. For the Legends of Tomorrow, a dog brings them a lot of trouble in “Ship Broken.”

For all the weird and wild things this show has done, having a dog be the main villain of an episode is something that still caught me off guard. Now, to no one’s surprise, it’s Gary as the reason why this demon dog is able to get onboard the Waverider.  The only thing less of a surprise is that even after everything this bad boy does (mind control the Legends into flushing the Loom rings down the toilet and trying to convince Sara and Nate to kill the others), I still liked Gary Jr. the evil puppy more than Gary? 

“Ship Broken” also deals with a few storylines that have been hanging about on Legends of Tomorrow. First, let’s discuss what the heck is going on with one Captain Sara Lance.


Sara awakens from her coma with a slight problem. She’s now blind! And is having visions! The visions which are revealed to be the Legends dead after Sara kills them under evil puppy-influence add a whole new ball of wax to everything. Sara stops herself from following the dog’s commands somehow – anyone who has a dog knows how hard it is to say no to one. Still there’s a couple questions that we still need answers for…

  • Did Crisis and become a Paragon give Sara some sort of powers?  It’s looking more and more so each episode.
  • How long will Sara stay blind? At the end of “Ship Broken,” Gideon reveals that there’s nothing physically wrong with Sara but her eyesight remains gone. The White Canary can handle herself in a fight but how long can a blind bird navigate her way before she crashes?

As for that ever-popular Loom of Fate – attempt #1 to bring back Behrad from the dead? Visually stunning effects but ultimately a failure. This leads to Gary Jr. playing his cute mind control tricks on the team to have them take the rings and flush them down the toilet. Though I was more upset with someone sabotaging Gideon as well. Leave the ship alone!

The evil dog is defeated by the team and the rings are rescued by Gary’s adventure into the sewer system. So what happens now with the Legends and their on-board companion Astra as the Loom is not working like they had hoped it would? Well as Astra and Zari’s conversations throughout “Ship Broken” continually pointed out — neither of them are going to give up without getting what they want. Zari wants her brother Behrad back and Astra wants her mother back. 

The Zari-Astra pairing has a lot of potential in future episodes. From Astra being able to point out the sudden attraction that Zari has for Constantine to Zari trying to get Astra to be a part of the team, these scenes highlight a few things. How much growth Zari has accomplished this season and how much potential Astra has as a character. 

So after attempt #5532 to get the Legends to lose the rings of Fate as failed, what’s next for the Legends? Knowing Legends of Tomorrow – something silly, fun, slightly aggravating and plenty of heart.


  • Mick and Lita have a father-daughter weekend on the ship. Basically a way to get them to bond while also showing how much Mick has stolen over the years on his adventures. Never been a surprise fan of the “SECRET DAUGHTER” storyline. Wasn’t on Gilmore Girls. Not here either.
  • Now I know what “Ants on a Log” are now. Thanks Mick!
  • Gary Jr. being the demon dog of Son of Sam was a twist I should have seen coming.
  • “Ship Broken” highlights something that is a universal truth. Cats are better than dogs. I love dogs but cats are the best.
  • Zari’s look tonight was straight fire.
  • Ava is me anytime I see Gary anymore, too.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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