‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 3×01 Review: “Hands”

It’s been one year since the season two finale of Roswell, New Mexico.  When you think about it, it is actually quite fitting considering the first episode of season three “Hands” takes place one year after all of the craziness…

‘Batwoman’ 2×17 Review: “Kane, Kate”

Batwoman‘s “Kane, Kate” legit might be my favorite episode to date. Seriously, it had everything my queer little heart desired, the two Batwoman’s duking it out, and Alice setting the stage for a finale that I’m pretty sure will end…

ATX TV Festival Season 10 Top Moments: Day 10

ATX TV Festival Season 10 has come to an end and day 10 show us new shows, talk about women in power and say goodbye. We review top moments.

ATX TV Festival Season 10 Top Moments: Day 5

Day 5 in ATX TV Festival Season 10 was amazing! After the emotions of day 4, it was time to discover new shows, new ways of doing television and how magic was created behind the cameras so that it reaches…

Stephen Amell Talks ‘Speech And Debate’, ‘Arrow’, Olicity & ‘Heels’

ATX TV Festival starts tomorrow! We interview Stephen Amell about his Speech And Debate: Legacy panel, Arrow, Heels, and of course, Olicity.

Dove Cameron Talks About ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Pilot

What happened with #PowerpuffGirls? Well we still don’t know, but #DoveCameron commented on the reshoots. What did she say?

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×02 Review: “Meat: The Legends”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×02 “Meat: The Legends” has all the ingredients that, like a good burger, leave you satisfied and wanting more.

‘Nancy Drew’ 2×14 Review: The Siege of the Unseen Spector”

Nancy is held hostage by an unseen force in order to solve a murder mystery that happened 7 years ago. Meanwhile George tries to help Odette.

The CW Sets Summer Premiere Dates

The CW has set summer premiere dates (and return dates) and some of it sounds so far away we want to cry. Can summer come sooner?

‘Kung Fu’ 1×02 Photos: “Silence”

The second episode of #KungFu airs tonight. See the pictures for the episode, #Silence.

‘4400’ Sets Three As Series Regulars

Did we see the original 4400? Nope. But we’re all about the reboot on The CW. See who has been set in lead roles and learn about the show.

‘Powerpuff’ Has Started Filming In Atlanta

The first pics from #Powerpuff are here. Ah fandom, you are amazing. See the pics and let us know what you think of the costumes!

The Cast Portraits For ‘Kung Fu’ Have Been Released

#KungFu premieres on The CW tomorrow. See the cast portraits and learn about what the show is all about.

5 Reasons You Should Be Watching The CW’s ‘Walker’

Still haven’t started watching Walker? Here are 5 reasons you should be watching The CW drama!

‘Nancy Drew’ 2×06 Review: “The Riddle of the Broken Doll”

Welcome back Nancy Drew fans! This week’s Nancy Drew 2×06 “The Riddle of the Broken Doll” takes place two weeks after last week’s events. Everyone thinks they are in a good place right now, because they survived death and overcame…

All Aboard the ‘Barchie’ Train …Again?

Barchie is now a thing and the Riverdale fandom is imploding! We take a look at some of the best tweets that celebrate this fact.

The CW Orders Powerpuff Girls Series Pilot

The Powerpuff girls as a live-action adaptation on the CW? We can’t think of anything we want less than this.

‘Nancy Drew’ 2×03 Review: “The Secret of the Solitary Scribe”

Welcome to another crazy week in Horseshoe Bay, Nancy Drew fans! This Hellmouth is getting ready to open ya’ll, and Nancy better get ready because the Aglaeca is coming for her and the Scooby gang. I thought this episode might…

The CW Renews Everything, As Usual

The CW once again renewed basically everything, which is on par for the course. Some things change, the CW remains the same.

‘Nancy Drew’ 2×02 Review: “The Reunion of Lost Souls”

Hello Nancy Drew fans! If you thought last week was a doozy, what with the Aglaeca, sea shanties, and the Bobbsie Twins, it did not compare to this week, which had me on the edge of my seat! Nick was…

The New ‘Superman & Lois’ Trailer Has Very Little Lois

The new Superman & Lois trailer has very little Lois, and we’re starting to get a little concerned about the direction of this show.