‘Riverdale’ Not Having Archie & Jughead Kiss is on Track with Their Terrible LGBTQ+ Representation

Riverdale really tried to make us forget about their terrible track record when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation in that series finale.

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Nancy Drew’s EP Larry Teng had some strong words for the CW and the way they cancelled the show: “They Suck”

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Stephen Amell Needs to Shut Up, the Sequel

Stephen Amell still needs to shut up. In fact, his comments trying to clarify his anti-strike stance just made him look even worse.

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‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4 Review: Ending with Progress, Not Perfection

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‘Sullivan’s Crossing’ Picked Up For A Second Season

#TheCW is showing it’s cheapness as it picks up #SullivansCrossing for a second season, before the first season even airs in the USA

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The end of The Flash on The CW marks the end of an era. And no we’re not talking about DCTV. We’re talking about Westallen.

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Apparently everyone wants their own Virgin River these days. The CW is getting their own (from CTV). See the trailer for Sullivan’s Crossing.

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The CW canceled all our favorite shows and we’re still not over it. But Joan and The Librarians: The Next Chapter look too good to pass up.

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Riverdale and Nancy Drew are rounding off their shows with their final seasons and the premiere dates are here.

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