An ‘Infernal Devices’ television show is on the way!

Exciting news, Shadowhunters!

Constantin Film is developing an Infernal Devices adaptation for BBC Three, according to the folks over at The Cinema Spot. According to TCS, this series will be completely separate from Freeform’s Shadowhunters series.

This series is not a Shadowhunters spin-off, as the two shows aren’t connected. This Infernal Devices series will be set in a separate world, one that is more accurate to the books.

The most assuring thing about this news is the last part of that tidbit: “…one that is more accurate to the books.”

As fans of the book, what we want to see more than anything is an adaptation that is faithful to the story and the characters that Cassandra Clare has created. That doesn’t mean a word-by-word interpretation in live-action format. That means doing justice to these characters, to their stories and to the world that Cassie has created.

And Shadowhunters didn’t do that. So it wasn’t exactly our cup of tea.

Also according to The Cinema Spot, the pilot for The Infernal Devices series has already been written. In fact, it was being shopped to different networks and streaming services for a few years before finally landing at BBC.

The series will air on BBC Three, which is a British streaming service operated by the BBC. It’s a service most notably known for the Killing Eve television series.

What do you think, Shadowhunters? Are you excited to see The Infernal Devices come to life? Are you encouraged by the fact that it’ll be truer to the books? Who should play Tessa, Will & Jem? Sound off in the comments!

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