‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 5×13 Review: “I Am Legends”

One of these days I would love to have a episode of Legends of Tomorrow that was just a nice, calm 60 minutes. Just the Legends sitting around drinking some beers and shooting the breeze.  Well that does happen for a brief moment in “I Am Legends,” and it’s lovely.  I just wish it wasn’t in-between losing the Waverider to Charlie’s Fate sisters and a bunch of undead eating them alive. 

(Oh yeah forgetting about Astra and Gary also getting killed by the fates too….Yeah not a good day to be associated with the Legends) 

So before we go any further, let’s highlight the three Z’s that factor very heavily into “I Am Legends.” 


Let’s add “Zombie Homage” to the list of genre films that Legends of Tomorrow has once again played tribute to. After being cut off from the Waverider thanks to Astra and the fates, the Legends are stuck outside London with a bunch of the undead hot on their trail. After “borrowing” a bus that get damaged by the zombies, they’re stuck walking.

Here we get another couple of zombie moments 

  • The Army finding them and capturing them as they believe them to be sophisticated zombies. It never fails having the main authority figures always be brainless goofs.
  • Escaping the army truck rather easily. I guess this is a staple in any type of action film but it’s really true in zombie films. 
  • Getting stuck in a British pub waiting for a time travel device to charge up. Okay, maybe not so much this one. 

Here’s where a few characters and the internal struggles shine to the forefront. Zari with John (more on that in a moment) and Sara with Ava. Sara gets a vision early on but doesn’t tell Ava what it is till that moment in the bar. She once again saw her death at the hands of the zombies.

On one hand, not really a fan of Sara’s new post-Crisis visions power. Not at all. The sooner her vision is back, the better.

Now I did love this as an AvaLance moment. It highlighted the love and faith that these two have for one another. Sara believes with her whole heart and soul that Ava will find a way to save the day even when Ava doesn’t have that same belief in herself. Trusting one’s soulmate is hard but shows just how much Sara Lance loves Ava Sharpe. I just wish it wasn’t always surrounded by the gloom of death when we got these AvaLance scenes. 


We did get one nice ray of sunshine in “I Am Legends” – Zari and John had sex!!! The “will they, won’t they” didn’t last very long, thankfully. Throughout “I Am Legends,” the tension builds and builds. Something was definitely up when Zari confronted John about his smoking again. Later,as they argued during their walk to find a new bus for the Legends, the feeling went from “oh things are heating up” to “the countdown to the pants being down is on.”  

As all us long time TV watchers know, no trope is more powerful than the “Passionate arguing leads to passionate making out.”  We get this after another shipping moment of John saving Zari’s life after being trapped by zombies looking for a new bus. I mean, if stopping and starting someone you love’s heart to save their life isn’t a show of passion…then what is??*

*Only valid on fictional tv shows.

My only fear now is that Nate notices something is up and we get the most dreaded of all tropes — The Love Triangle. Never been a fan of love triangles. Hopefully, Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t go in this direction.

But I fear that they might. 


Zero was how many breaths that we had left after “I Am Legends” finished. Seeing Sara being overwhelmed by zombies and Astra & Gary being killed by the fates left me in a state of shock. 

Not because these deaths will stick because, let’s be real, they won’t. Charlie having the rings gives me a feeling that she’ll trick the fates into weaving the loom. Once that happens — bing, bang and boom — Charlie can bring everyone back to life including Astra’s mom and Behrad. 

Also let’s take a moment to highlight how brave Charlie is for doing this. She’s risking death at the hand of her old family to save the people she considers her real family, the Legends. Being a hero means sometimes doing something scary and brave knowing you’re going to be hurt. Being a Legend is doing that, but for the people you love.


  • Loved the George Romero zombie tribute
  • Astra gets talked out of turning back evil by Gary (of all people) thanks to good memories of her mom. The fates try to convince Astra not to bring her mom back to spare her the pain of losing her again. However, wouldn’t any of us not want a loved one back for even a extra moment? It would be worth the pain just to see them again for even a second longer.
  • Always lovely to see Gideon in human form even if it was all a figment of Gary’s imagination. I just love the actress (Amy Pemberton) and wish they did more with her on there.
  • Charlie being the one to realize John and Zari had sex. Brilliant.
  • John being not wanted by the zombies because of his soul being in hell already was a nice twist.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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