‘Vagrant Queen’ 1x04 Review: “In a Sticky Spot”

‘Vagrant Queen’ 1×04 Review: “In a Sticky Spot”

Vagrant Queen’s “In a Sticky Spot” saw Elida changing by leaps and bounds. She’s been trained since birth to stand her ground but most importantly, survive. And she’s taken that to heart every day of her life. So much so that friendships with others have been few and far in between. That started to change “In a Sticky Spot.”

Elida fought for Isaac. She threw her everything into getting him back, putting herself in danger. Why? Because he’s her friend. He apologized for what he had done and she’s not going to hold it over his head forever. Will she be a bit grumbly to Isaac for episodes to come? Yes, but that’s just Elida. What she won’t do is leave a friend behind.

Part of not leaving Isaac behind also has to do with the trust she puts in Amae. We’ll get to the shipping portion of this review later on. For now, the trust. It’s paramount to point out that Elida trusts Amae. Elida doesn’t trust anyone and I’m pretty sure she kind of maybe sort of doesn’t trust her old companion Hath. 

But Amae? Oh Elida trusts Amae with her life and if things keep going the way they are, maybe she’ll even trust Amae with her heart. And this isn’t something that I’m imagining. The gay signs are right in front of you my queer girls and boys. That scene where Elida protected Amae with her body. *chefs kiss* GAY PERFECTION!

And that isn’t the only scene. 

You have the intro when Amae is checking in on Elida before they go on the mission. That right there is beautiful and shows that Amae really cares for Elida and this isn’t just some adventure for her, which we never thought it was from the start. And Elida’s reaction to Amae caring. Bless my gay little heart there was hope in Elida’s eyes that someone cared.

Then there was the argument when Isaac was kidnapped. Elida is so used to doing things alone that she was ready to go in guns blazing to save her friend. But her other friend, Amae aka the future love of her life (I ain’t joking, people), is there to calm her down and give her some perspective. Elida isn’t alone and Amae has her back.


Elida is one of the most headstrong women I have ever witnessed on TV and it’s been an absolute blessing watching her grow over these four episodes. It’s also been a pleasure watching this queer love, because there is definitley love coming for all of us, blossoming before our very eyes.

It’s what Elida deserves.

It’s what Amae deserves.

Hell, it’s what we deserve and we are all here for it!

P.S. Let’s not forget the music. *deep dreamy sigh* Please continue to give us more of it, especially if it means we get more scenes where Amae and Elida have a heart to heart. *floats off into OTP space*

Vagrant Queen airs Thursdays at 11/10c on Syfy.

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