‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×06 Review: “Trying”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “Trying” saw the show giving us all the Peraltiago they can possibly give us in one episode. And it was beautiful, satisfying, and the start of a special journey for them that will change their lives forever. On the subplot front we had Holt learning a lesson and Hitchcock looking for his boo. Trust us, the latter is disgusting but can you really expect anything else from him?

Let’s dive into Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “Trying”!

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Amy and Jake Trying to Get Pregnant

“Trying” gave us so much Peraltiago that I’m sated for weeks, if I’m being honest. (Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want to see more Peraltiago in other episodes though.) They’re doing something epic right now, trying to get pregnant. Yes, it might be taking all the time and all the planning but they have made a commitment to each other and they are going to do it until they get pregnant.

Yes, it’s hard. And yes, they’re struggling to actually get pregnant in the first place, but Amy’s organization and their ability to try new things sets them apart from other couples. When Amy’s way of things don’t pane out they try it the Jake way. And when that doesn’t work, they even tried the Hitchcock way. Dedication is the name of the game and they’ve got it. That’s why they will eventually get pregnant and why they’ll make their dreams of having a kid come true.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate Jake telling Amy that they are already a family. Something so small and so simple gave me all the feels and left me so grateful that NBC picked up this bad boy. I can’t imagine my life without these Peraltiago moments and I’m glad I never have to fathom it.

Holt and His Beat

Like Holt, we’ve been dreading our former Captain hitting the streets. And it wasn’t because he’d be putting in the time and effort to know his beat, that’s wonderful in fact and he learned so much about himself and his neighborhood through his assignment. We’ve been dreading it because it would mean time away from the Nine-Nine.

Fortunately for us, the viewer, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has it all figured out. Terry is the boss right now and there’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. But Holt is still under his supervision and needs to be around to be assigned his beat and to stick with it, especially when he thinks that it’s not worth it when it clearly was. Looking at you, Russian translations at Hitchcock’s wedding.

Also, Holt getting to know his beat was done in such a clever way in conjunction with Amy and Jake trying to have a baby. It allowed us to zoom forward in time without copping out and finding some technicality to get him out of it. Holt did the work that was required of him and I think he came out a better person for it.

I have spoken.

Hitchcock is All Sorts of Disgusting

Hitchcock is…a unique individual. A very very unique individual who keeps surprising me season after season with how disgusting or crazy he can truly be. This time around he was getting a divorce. But wait, this is Hitchcock and he met his future wife two seconds after being sad about his divorce in true Hitchcock style.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, his Cinderella was lost to him because of a bunch of chicken wings and sauce. Typical Hitchcock, if we’re being honest here. And the only clue that he had to his dream woman was a tooth. You’re not reading this wrong. Hitchcock teamed up with Scully in a truly disgusting search for his true boo.

Unfortunately for everyone in the situation, his dream girl was just using him. And is it just me or did he not really mind at being used? It’s like he’s so optimistic that his next bae is around the corner that he doesn’t really get bothered by anything and everything. And I will admit, once in my life, that I could do with being a bit more like Hitchcock.

A little more positive like Hitchcock.

Yes, I just wrote that and I regret it already.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30 EST on NBC.

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