‘Nancy Drew’ 1×15 Review: “The Terror of Horseshoe Bay”

Hi Nancy Drew fans! This episode was full of twists and turns, one of which turned out to be that Karen’s ass was up to no good all along, and Nancy’s now being hunted by a water demon. Yikes! I keep telling you guys, this show summons Buffy on a weekly basis and it’s so true. Between the Hellmouth/Horseshoe Bay they live on, the hauntings, the mystery solving, and the Scooby Gang, all that’s missing is a stake welding blonde girl and a couple of vampires. We have a lot to talk about in this episode of Nancy Drew “The Terror of Horsehoe Bay,” so lets dive right in!

Karen, You Heartless Bitch

Guys! Can you believe that Karen is the one who poisoned Tiffany! Sure it was on accident, because she meant to poison Ryan but still. Karen, stole the poison from a crime scene, and then gave it to Lucy’s brother who was supposed to make sure Ryan ate that damn salad! Karen has been bluffing this entire time! I knew from episode one she was a shady Bitch, I assumed she killed Nancy’s mom and possible Dead Lucy. However, I’ll admit I was wrong, on both counts if only to prove she is a murderer and a cold ass bitch to let Nancy’s dad go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. We all know that Ace accidentally sent the salad (Karen poisoned) out to Tiffany, who ate it and died. That’s fucked up.

I told you all that I didn’t trust Karen, and I would not put it past her to try and kill Nancy next in order to keep her quiet. Nancy agreed with me too and Karen got a arrested thankfully. Hey, what ever happened to the Police Chief who helped Nancy and Georgia shadow walk? Check all of the basements, Nancy. Karen probably stashed his body down there. Does Nancy’s dad know who really killed Lucy? Because he seems perfectly content to go back to prison. I mean dude is over hear making egg sandwiches and drinking OJ like he hasn’t got a care in the world.

Also, where the hell did Dead Lucy’s brother Josh go? When Nancy re-watched the surveillance video of his attack on her, she notices he walks away seemingly unharmed and then he disappears into a cabinet. It was very weird. It was very Buffy season 2, remember the ghosts who possessed Buffy and Angel in the high school? No one knows where Josh went, the cabinet isn’t a secret portal or anything. I told you guys Josh was a ghost! Or possibly possessed. Jury is still out on that one. But I am convinced he’s not human, because that is the only explanation of how he walked through a door and completely disappeared.

Beware of the Aglaeca

Welp, just when I thought I couldn’t be grossed out enough on this episode, Nancy starts spitting up rotted teeth, right after a night of sex with Owen. Ewwww, she vomits/pulls out seaweed from her throat. I gagged. Literally gagged. I had to turn away, I mean when she started to puke, I ran to the sink to puke. It was like re-watching the movie The Ring and the mom puking up Samara’s hair. Make. It. Stop.

I get that Dead Lucy is sending Nancy all of these clues to find her dead body. I support Dead Lucy’s quest to be found. I do. Nancy does too, but like Bitch! I’m trying to help your ass, stop possessing me, and haunting me and screaming at me! Its unnerving to watch, and I’m always jumpy when I watch this show.

Horseshoe Bay has a lot of demons, its a Hellmouth, so of course they have a sea demon. Aglaeca, the sea demon who basically looks like a demented mermaid, grants wishes to the seeker, in return for a blood offering. How does that NOT sound amazing? WTF? No, thank you, hard pass for this girl. I don’t know how many times I have people, genies are freaking bad news! They are not like the Disney movies! They are NOT Robin Williams!


The Scooby gang, never listens to me though, and they think they have a solid plan. All six of them, including Owen, will journey out to the sea and make a blood offering together. Nancy wishes for Dead Lucy’s bones to be found, and of course magically they appear out of the water. But all is not well. It’s a demon you morons! It’s never fair, they don’t play fair, they want blood and death always! Am I the only one who watches horror movies? Buffy? Come on! Be smarter, do better Nancy!

At the end of the episode, I was calmer and I had settled down, thinking nothing else was gonna jump out at me. But then, Nancy looks into some antique mirror, to see what her offering will end up being to Aglaeca and sees Owens dead body, and then her eyes start to bleed. All of a sudden, Owen starts to be attacked by the Aglaeca, but is saved by his friends before she nicks an important artery! Way to hold your own Nancy, with a hungry sea demon, who wants some bloodshed.

You guys know this isn’t over right? Nancy’s got to pay the price or Owen will surely die. There are never happy endings on this show! Gah! I mean at least Buffy had some sort of resolution each week. Nancy Drew writers are all like, nah, we already got picked up for season two so we do what we want bitches!

Nancy Drew airs at 9/8c on The CW network.

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