‘Nancy Drew’ 1×02 Review: “The Secret Of The Old Morgue”

Hi Guys! Show of hands who wants to move to Horse Shoe Bay (HSB) after last night’s episode of “The Secret of the Old Morgue”? Also, why are there so many ghosts and straight up weird shit attracted to HSB? I need a virtual map, because I’m convinced it sits on a Hellmouth, and we all know what happened the last time a Hellmouth was opened!

Only this time we don’t have Buffy here to save us. Damn.

Oh well, we’ve got a sassy redhead who trusts no one and as of right now is one of the prime suspects in a murder she didn’t commit. The CW is banking on Nancy Drew’s touch of the supernatural to pull audiences in. I’m hooked, and despite what some folks and critics are saying, its a solid show and everyone can act, which in my opinion matters the most.

Who can be trusted at this point? Certainly not Nancy’s dad and most definitely not the socialites husband who seems real suspect after last night. I know the writers have to throw a bunch of red herrings at us right now because we just started the season, BUT usually the clues are right there, from the beginning, you just have to look hard enough.

God! I sound like Nancy! Ha!

Anyway, I’ve narrowed it down to four people who I think killed Tiffany the socialite, although I’m not 100% sure of their motives yet. 1) Dead Lucy.  Presumably, for revenge maybe the socialite was mean to her in high school or pushed her off of the cliff?  2) Tiffany’s husband. I think he poisoned Tiffany before hand and was gonna make it look like Nancy did when she brought out her to go order.  3) Nancy’s dad, this is a long shot but he could have killed Lucy. We know he’s hiding the dress that she died in the attic, although he claims its a prop piece.

Also he freaking burned it to ashes, which everyone knows means he’s guilty. I told you, he’s short and I don’t trust him.

Dead Lucy seems to be attached to Nancy as well, and I think she is trying to warn her,  but why kill Tiffany though? Did she know his secret? Was she framing him? 4) Ned. I thought he was a red herring at first but now I’m not so sure. He seems too good to be true and that always spells trouble. I wouldn’t put it past him to be sleeping with Nancy just to get closer the case. I don’t want to believe it, but the writers are not really giving me much choice. Prove me wrong Ned!

Why is Dead Lucy so attracted to Nancy? She keeps helping her, sorta, and dropping her clues. WTF? This means something guys! The ghost of Lucy is clearly drawn to Nancy which means, Nancy is somehow connected to her death inadvertently. Do you all remember What Lies Beneath or Stir of Echos? Ghosts are helpful sometimes, and this ghost wants Nancy to solve two murders for the price of one, and guess what? Nancy now has the support of the Scooby Gang!

Yasss! You need them Nancy and they definitely need you.

Guess what else? They all have legit skills that are useful to Nancy. Georgia can steal the husbands phone, and then Nancy can delay the autopsy being moved to another city. Solid plan, except now Nancy knows Georgia was having an affair with Tiffany’s husband. Ruh Roh! This gives Georgia a motive for wanting the socialite dead but obviously she didn’t do it. That’s way too easy and typical.

Georgia had been seeing the husband since her junior year of high school! Hello R. Kelly. You don’t date a 16 year old girl! I don’t care how “mature” she is! Georgia got played and was/is a child. This guy is scum and while he could have committed the crime, I’m not 100 % he did. He doesn’t seem smart enough but he is wealthy and that is always helpful.

Turns out Georgia and Nancy used to be good friends in high school until word got around she was hooking up with an older man and she was labeled a slut by the entire school. I really don’t think Nancy judged her in the way Georgia thinks, I think Nancy knew the guy was trouble and didn’t stick up for her when it counted and so that was the end of their friendship. Georgia can hold a grudge.

By the end of the season though, they will have both saved each other from certain death, Georgia’s up first though because she dumped over a bucket of blood at midnight and according to town legend, she will be dead in a year. Oopsie! Hopefully Nancy and gang can save her and all will be right again. Trust me. This kind of show is my genre and I LOVE IT!

You know what else I am loving? How down Bess and Ace (the cook at the Claw) are to spy and run covert operations in order to help Nancy. Last week,  I didn’t think Ace would play a major role in the series but this week I’ve changed my tune. Dude is not as dumb as he first seemed, which could mean something later on as the series progresses.

I also LOOOVE Bess telling Nancy that dead Lucy is trying to warn her, and she is kinda right. I think Dead Lucy is trying to both warn her and help her.

Guys! WTF is hiding in this town?  Is Nancy like Carol-Anne? If she turns the TV to static will she be able to communicate with ghosts? Someone needs to suggest that! Right now breaking into morgues is about the best she can do, and its enough to set her on the path to finding the murderer.

Random observation, I think Bess might be into girls, and that is why she ran away from her home and now lives in a van in the woods. Did you see the way she was looking at the coroner, “Lisbeth” when she was helping to fix Aces car?  Exactly! Me too, and so did Ace and what a good friend he is to Bess. Love him! She sorta comes out to him and he tells Bess he will be her platonic anchor and friend. Awwwww!  #platanchor

Georgia comes through in the clutch to save Nancy’s ass, which lets me know she didn’t murder Tiffany, the socialite, but she is scared she might be next. Trust no one.

Nancy takes the fall for the morgue operation and gets herself arrested, however, makes the best of her arrest and finds out some stellar information about Tiffany moments before she died. Her dad comes to her rescue and bails her out of jail,  but she is none too amused with him.  You’re not alone Nancy,  I still don’t trust him either, and you know what, add Ace and Nancy’s BF to that list. Because I’m now convinced Ace works for Nancy’s dad as a double agent AND Ned was last person Tiffany called before she died.  Damn it!! This show keeps getting better and better each week!

Nancy Drew airs at 9/8C on the CW Network.

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